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René Furterer: Professional care for hair and scalp

René Furterer is a premium hair care brand that offers customised hair care rituals based on a personal hair analysis. The hair brand was founded in Provance, where Rene Furterer became interested in botany at an early age. He was convinced that the beauty of hair is inspired by the beauty of plants.

René Furterer Spa's unrivalled expertise is offered to you in the form of our exceptional care to not only pamper your hair, but also enchant all your senses. The results of our hair and scalp care rituals are recognised. The results are visible and long-lasting.

René Furterer - hairdresser, phytologist and visionary - is convinced that beautiful hair can only grow on a well-cared-for scalp and therefore developed a massage method as well as a care ritual that is individually tailored to the condition of hair and scalp.

All hair care products are formulated with 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts.

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Rene Furterer Hair Care Ritual

The Rene Furterer hair care ritual is a weekly intensive care in 3 steps.

Step No. 1 - Prepare

In combination with a scalp massage, the regenerating plant concentrates stimulate the blood supply to the scalp. For basic care, Rene Furterer offers two products - Complexe 5 Concentrate for strong hair and Astera Fresh Soothing Concentrate for irritated scalp.

Step No. 2 & 3 - Washing and hair care

Washing the hair according to the scalp is very important. The shampoos you choose are designed for the specific needs of your scalp - choose the right product. Proper hair care after washing is also important.

CURBICIA with Pumpkin Seed Extract for Oily Scalp/Hairline
KARITÉ NUTRI with Karite oil and Shea butter nourishes very dry hair
KARITÉ HYDRA with shea oil is moisturising for dry hair
ABSOLUE KERATINE with gold-of-pleasure oil has a regenerating deep action on damaged, brittle hair
ASTERA FRESH with echinacea extract has an anti-inflammatory effect on irritated scalps
ASTERA Sensitive soothes sensitive scalps with echinacea extract
TRIPHASIC Progressive with ginsend extract counteracts hormone-induced hair loss
TRIPHASIC Reactional helps with temporary hair loss with lotus mineral complex
FORTICEA vitalises and revitalises lifeless hair with guarana and essential oils
TONUCIA Natural Filler with tamarind seed extract has a rejuvenating effect on weak, thinning hair
NATURIA for all hair types with essential basil, mint and caraway oil
OKARA Color provides colour protection for coloured hair with soybean and witch hazel extracts
OKARA Blond gives luminosity to natural blond, highlighted or coloured blond hair
OKARA Silver combats yellow streaks in grey, white or platinum blonde hair
VOLUMEA with carob extract for more volume in fine hair
SUBLIME CURL with hogweed extract for perfect curls