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Reverence de Bastien - care products for feet, hands and nails

Reverence de Bastien is a range of high quality care and beauty products for manicure and pedicure, developed by Bastien Gonzalez, a French pedicurist to combine natural beauty and medical know-how.

The care must be a sensational experience in the first sense, acting on the five senses and a great moment of luxury and pleasure to be remembered for a long time.

✓ Formulas with natural ingredients and essential oils.
✓ Textures that optimize the pleasure of touch.
✓ free from parabens, free from cruelty.
✓ fragrances that create a delicate, refined sensory universe.

The products have become cult products over time, such as the famous Sensitive Feet Balm, Black Diamond Scrub or Unguent for nails and cuticles.

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Révérence de Bastien

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The special features of Révérence de Bastien

  • French glamour for hands and feet
  • Exquisite natural ingredients
  • Beauty care with the power of essential oils
  • Innovative, award-winning textures
  • Numerous international beauty awards

Passion for perfect beauty care

Sophisticated and fragrant, glamorous and flattering: „Foot Virtuoso“. Bastien Gonzalez knows how to make excellent products for beautiful feet. After his podology training he worked at the most exclusive hotels and spas in Paris, London and New York. He quickly gained an international reputation, not least for his unique, professional „savoir faire“. Bastien Gonzalez has a passion for perfection that his cosmopolitan clientele value. It’s the cornerstone of his luxury cosmetics range Révérence de Bastien founded in 2002, providing exclusive care for beautiful feet, soft hands and shiny nails.

„French Kiss“ for hands and feet

Révérence de Bastien has won numerous awards. Harper’s Bazaar Singapore awarded „Black Diamond Scrub“ the title „Best Foot Scrub“ in 2014. And that’s only one of its prizes. Using only the best natural ingredients, the French label is a deserving winner. Nail care, foot care and hand creams use surprising exotic ingredients: white tea, essential oils, black volcanic sand and mother-of-pearl particles, giving your skin nourishment par excellence. Dry skin becomes silky smooth and fingernails have a natural shine. The gentle scrub removes dry and cracked skin on the feet. With Révérence de Bastien pedicures and manicures become a regal wellbeing programme that enchants all the senses.