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Révérence de Bastien

Glass File

1 Piece

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Special features

✓ Suitable for all nail types
✓ Long-lasting
✓ Gentle shaping and shortening of nails
✓ Easy to clean

Detail description

Glass files are particularly durable. While the grains on standard files get slowly worn down with use, a glass file is made from hardened and acid treated glass, which is not affected by use.  So a glass file can be used for many years. Another advantage is that glass files protect nails. The file doesn’t roughen nails, so they don’t tear as easily. The benefit of this is that even nails that have been varnished can be filed with a glass file. Glass files are also more hygienic as they can easily be cleaned with water or sterilised. So anyone who values durability or wants to treat varnished nails would benefit from buying a glass file.  Also, it is worth getting a glass file if you have brittle nails.

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How to use

For an even finish to your nails, file the nail with smooth strokes in one direction to gradually shorten the nail. Using smooth strokes and filing in only one direction ensures that the nail isn’t damaged or torn.


Révérence de Bastien

Reverence de Bastien - care products for feet, hands and nails

Reverence de Bastien is a range of high quality care and beauty products for manicure and pedicure, developed by Bastien Gonzalez, a French pedicurist to combine natural beauty and medical know-how.

The care must be a sensational experience in the first sense, acting on the five senses and a great moment of luxury and pleasure to be remembered for a long time.

✓ Formulas with natural ingredients and essential oils.
✓ Textures that optimize the pleasure of touch.
✓ free from parabens, free from cruelty.
✓ fragrances that create a delicate, refined sensory universe.

The products have become cult products over time, such as the famous Sensitive Feet Balm, Black Diamond Scrub or Unguent for nails and cuticles.

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9 Feb 2023


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