THALGO body care - from scrubs to shower gels, body lotions and much more...

    Innovative marine active ingredients regenerate, remineralise and preserve the youthfulness of your skin.


    Daily defense, endless glow!

    The high-quality sun protection products that you need in spring.

  • Ipsum - Finest Skincare made in Australia

    Discover more about the luxurious formulations with highly effective plant oils, the unique power of native Australian plants.


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It’s time to start drinking your vitamins

VITADROP committed to making hydration easy, functional and fun.

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Express detox for your skin!

NUXE Detoxifying + Glow Mask - face mask with activated charcoal that absorbs and removes impurities, leaving your skin fresh and radiant in just 2 minutes.



Strong hair right to the ends

The beauty miracle Complexe 5 Stimulating Plant Concentrate from René Furterer revitalises the scalp, reduces split ends, moisturises dry hair and beautifully shapes tangled locks.



What is a cleanser and what do you do with it?

A cleanser frees your skin from dirt and impurities and, when used daily, it counteracts clogged pores and ensures a SMOOTH AND BRIGHT-looking complexion.


Shop the look...

With the right products, it's not hard to look like our models. Click on one of our suggested looks to find the corresponding products. She's got the look is not just a Roxette thing.


Discover the ASMI Ayurveda tea collection

Energise, Relax and Purify teas - they help you warm-blooded animals to balance your metabolism and energy levels.

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New: Blooming Spring Chic

The simplest nail polish trend for 2024: natural colours.

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Your online shop for exclusive beauty products from all over the world! It has never been easier to be beautiful. Discover a wide range of high-quality cosmetics at Look Beautiful and pamper your body with our natural and exclusive brand products. Our cosmetic products provide a fresh appearance and holistic well-being. This way, you can start each morning healthy, relaxed, and beautiful.

Buy cosmetics for clear and flawless skin online

Clear skin is a sign of health. To maintain its youthful flawlessness, skin needs sufficient moisture and certain nutrients. With a high-quality face cream and rich body lotions, you can provide your skin with enough nutrients and moisture. On Look Beautiful, you will find natural products for daily facial and body care.

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Whether voluminous curls or a colored short hairstyle - you should only use high-quality care products on your hair.
On Look Beautiful, you will find selected products that make hair styling effortless and pain-free. Give your hair back its perfect shine with our exclusive luxury products and strengthen it right down to the roots.
Naturally beautiful: utilizing the power of natural cosmetics

In the beauty sector, the focus on natural care products is essential. With natural cosmetics, you promote holistic body care. Beauty and health are closely linked – natural beauty care maintains your body both inside and out.

The manufacturers of the natural cosmetics we offer consciously avoid chemical additives and animal testing. Instead, you will find highly effective products from nature and organic beauty items with us, keeping your body and soul healthy and beautiful.

Beauty Products from Look Beautiful: Stay Healthy, Beautiful, and Fit

Beauty consists of many facets that interact intensively with each other. Therefore, at LOOK Beautiful, you will find numerous products that can strengthen your beauty and health beyond external care. These include, for example, foot pads with detoxifying effects that can prevent fatigue and stress, or soothing dietary supplements that supply your body with essential nutrients. Discover also our luxurious beauty sets, which can be a joy to your family and friends.

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Already discovered? On LOOK Beautiful, we share our exclusive expert knowledge with you in our Beauty News. Let us inform you about the latest trends in beauty, wellness, anti-aging, and lifestyle! We provide you with our insider tips and great beauty hacks. You will be thrilled!