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Autumn  Apple cakes can be made
Apple and plum cake
Almost everyone loves a delicious apple or plum cake and it should grace every tea table. There are lots of quick and simple recipes, so that even beginner bakers can make a great cake.
Beauty  Korean cosmetics
Korean skincare It’s Skin beauty care range with caviar
It’s Skin is one of the most popular beauty brands in Korea. It aims to transform your skin into a zone of well-being.
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Beauty   What’s their
Beauty secrets from Japan
One advantage of Asian beauty is looking much younger than you really are. Japanese women are a good example: At 40 they look like 20 year-olds, with a slim and firm figure too.
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Beauty  Castor oil: A miracle
Castor oil for beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows
This natural oil is well known as a traditional laxative. But the valuable ingredients in this oil can do lots more and are great for hair and skin beauty care.
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Beauty  Nefertiti and Cleopatra
Beautiful thanks to aloe vera
Aloe vera- a name full of beauty and shine and deservedly so! The healing effects of this indestructible cactus-like lily from ancient Egypt have been known for thousands of years.
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Anti-Aging   Highly efficient
Anti-Aging Care
Look Beautiful helps you combat the visible signs of aging: Skin care is particularly important as we get older, as the skin can no longer perform certain functions on its own.
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Beauty  Beauty drink water
Drink water for your beauty
Every woman wants beautiful, silky soft and smooth skin. Much money is spent on beauty care, which is of course very important. But the simplest, most widely accessible and free beauty product…
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Autumn  Squash is unbeatable not
Squash recipe
Autumn is squash time. Here are some great recipes for healthy meals.
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Beauty   Hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid for your hair
We all know hyaluronic acid from anti-ageing and skin care. Now hyaluron is also used in hair care- shampoos, conditioners etc and is thought to give you thick, healthy hair.
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Anti-Aging   It is therefore
Beauty isn’t just on the outside, it also comes from within. Everyone knows that vitamins are essential both for our health and our beauty.
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Beauty   The skin soaks up every
Skin regeneration after the summer
Our skin looks its best when it’s sun-kissed. After the summer it is very thirsty and requires nutrient rich and moisturising intensive care.
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Beauty  We are often too busy
Overnight / Sleeping mask
Have a wonderful sleep with the newest beauty trend: Overnight masks, otherwise known as sleeping masks. Overnight the mask nourishes your skin with valuable nutrients.
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Wellness  Everyone knows that
Back to daily life after your holiday
How to make your return stress-free: We’ve got some tips to help you stay relaxed when you get back to daily life after your holiday.
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Beauty  Avoid sunburn
Bronze goddess Extend your holiday tan
We return from holiday with a wonderful golden tan. These tips help you extend your tan as you return to your normal life.
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Beauty  Eye rings are dark
No more dark eye circles: how to get rid of dark rings under your eyes
Dark rings under your eyes are stubborn and make you look tired and ill. Here are some tips for helping to prevent dark circles.
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Wellness   The right place  
Summer workout
In summer exercising is harder. After just a few minutes you’re out of breath and need a break. So you need to adapt your summer workout to the high temperatures. This text describes how to…
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Beauty   The right bikini- or
The perfect beach look
This year, like every year, the summer brings new trends. Fashion is important not only on the red carpet or catwalk, but also on the beach. We’ll tell you what pieces are hot on the beach…
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Beauty  The perfect summer care
Light skin care for the summer
It’s not always easy to find the right care products for your skin. Sometimes you buy the wrong products. Then it’s annoying that you wasted money on them.
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Beauty   Health  
  Charcoal has
Charcoal for beauty
Charcoal has long been known for its binding and detoxifying effects. For some time charcoal has found increasing applications in the beauty sector. We’ll tell you how charcoal makes you more…
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Beauty  The sun is calming. But
How to moisturise your skin after sunbathing
Few leisure activities are as relaxing as a long day at the beach. There’s nothing more wonderful than leaving your cares behind, listening to the tranquil sound of the waves or looking for…
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Detox  When you’re this
Detox on holiday
A holiday is the ideal time to look after your body and yourself. You’re finally free of work stress for a few weeks, the pace of the days is more relaxed and you might also have a change of scene.
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Food   Pure carbohydrates
You should avoid these foods
If you’re on a diet to lose weight, there are some foods you should avoid. The following:
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Beauty  Every woman should treat
Last minute beauty programme Wedding!
On the day before the wedding, have a rest, put on a face mask for the perfect complexion and put your feet in a fragrant foot bath.
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Beauty  Summer is one of our
Fresh on hot days!
Summer with its hot temperatures has finally arrived. Summer in the city: We’ll tell you how you can stay fresh and radiantly beautiful in temperatures above 30 degrees.
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Superfood  In terms of nutritional
Superfood: Watermelon
Watermelon is great for quenching your thirst in the summer. It’s refreshing, detoxifying, healthy and has very few calories.
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Food  It means eating only
‘Clean eating’- what is it?
To make exercise effective you need to eat healthily. Crash dieting doesn’t work. It only leads to the yoyo effect. Many swear by ‘clean eating’ to maintain their ideal weight.
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Beauty  Hyaluronic acid 
From hyaluronic acid to vitamin C: Active ingredients for beautiful skin
There are always new trends in skin care. New active ingredients are always being praised as revolutionary and highly effective. We’ll tell you which active ingredients will really give you…
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Beauty  Your connective tissue
4 Part: the beauty wonder weapons
Smooth away cellulite with our no. 1 anti-cellulite cream “Body Makeover” from Cloud 9 Skin Solution.
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Beauty  Whether it's at a spa,
Beauty power from the sea
Skin care, slimming and relaxation: the sea is a real beauty wonder weapon. We'll introduce to you the beauty treasures from the sea.
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Beauty  BB cream with
Beautiful on the beach beauty must-haves
We all want to look great, whether it’s for our summer beach holiday or the pool in town. We’ll show you our beauty must-haves for the beach, so that you can shine as brightly as the sun.
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Food  1. Strawberries
What you need to know about BERRIES
They fight cellulite, slow down the ageing process and protect your body: berries are the delicious natural wonder pills.
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Wellness  1.  Start your
Project bum
Is it saggy, too flat or too big? You can do something about it. These exercises and products are really effective!
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Food  In the summer, sorbets
Refreshing homemade sorbets
Homemade sorbets are so refreshing, healthy and delicious.
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Beauty  Bleaching and the heat
Part 3: the beauty wonder weapons
Chemical or heat treatments can damage your hair. Damage to the hair structure causes split ends. But this hair treatment makes split ends a thing of the past.
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Beauty  When you are exposed to
Enjoy the sun
The sun has a positive effect on your body. It lifts your mood, increases efficiency, gives you vitality, warms you and is relaxing and calming.
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Superfood  They should be consumed
Light superfood recipes for hot days
If you want to eat healthily on hot days, you should have superfoods. They are foods distinguished by their high levels of vitamins, fibre or other ingredients.
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With the unique Pharmos Natur Green Luxury ACTIVE INGREDIENT COSMETICS you can experience the special and regenerative effects of select, adaptogenic HEALING AND REJUVENATING PLANTS:…
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Anti-Aging  We want to stay young
You don’t always need the heavy artillery if you want to slow down the ageing process: the right diet, good care and lots of rest will slowly but surely achieve your goal.
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Superfood  Maca is usually
Superfood: Maca
Maca is a superfood that has long been known in the Andes of Peru.
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Beauty  Pore deep skin cleansing
The beauty miracle weapon part 2
Fine pores with ultrasonic cleansing
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Superfood   To improve your beauty,
Superfood: Cordycept
Cordycept belongs to the sac fungus family and is an organic medicinal mushroom with a wide range of applications. Its complex healing properties make this mushroom a real superfood with…
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Detox  Detox and purify with
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Anti-Aging  If not for ever, but for
If you want to slow down the ageing process, you don’t always need the heavy artillery: the right diet, good care and lots of rest will slowly but surely achieve your goal.
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Superfood  Pomegranates have been
Superfood: Pomegranate
Pomegranate is a superfood with many secondary plant substances.
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Beauty   We say 'yes': to
The perfect pre-wedding beauty programme
Beautiful bride: Are there wedding bells in your future? Follow the steps in our four-week bridal beauty guide and you'll be a breathtaking beauty on your big day.
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Beauty  Sun damage, red veins
The beauty miracle weapon part 1
Snail secretion and bee venom are secret weapons for achieving an even complexion. We’ll let you into the secret.
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Detox  The magic word is
Do you get sudden redness and unevenness on your face? Then support your skin and help it combat the internal and external troublemakers.
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Superfood  Grapefruit seed extract
Superfood: Grapefruit seed extract
Beauty and health are increasingly central to the modern lifestyle. Superfoods play an important part in this. A food is termed a superfood when its ingredients have special properties that…
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Beauty   1.   Smooth Finish by
Do you know the good morning moment? The most effective products for your skin and hair can make you feel great every day.
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Wellness   1. THREE MEALS A
Great tips for boosting your metabolism
The metabolism is a complex thing. It is sometimes sluggish without us knowing why. Here are some tips for getting your metabolism going again.
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Wellness   Stress begins in the
Tips for dealing with stress
Stress often exerts a negative impact on your mood. We’ll show you how best you can avoid stress or deal with it in a positive way. So that you can smile through your day.
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Wellness  1. It’s not the
Unusual reasons why diets don’t work
There are times when the body doesn’t respond to a diet in the way you had hoped. We will list 5 unusual reasons that could explain why you aren’t losing weight as you’d hoped.
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Beauty  Firstly, radiant skin
Food for a natural glow
Women everywhere want a glow. Many cosmetic products promise to give every face a glow. Whether it’s face oils, primers, highlighters or make-up with a glow effect, the range of products is…
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Superfood  Their ingredients
Superfood: grape seeds
The seeds and skin of wine grapes have many health and beauty benefits. They are rich in secondary plant substances, primarily polyphenols. They also have high levels of vitamin E. That makes…
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Beauty   To start the day
Body care ritual for beautiful skin
We all want beautiful skin so that we can feel great in our skin. One very effective way of achieving beautiful skin is a body care routine that both relaxes your skin and looks after it,…
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Beauty  It can sometimes really
Flat hair: The most common volume mistakes
Is your hair flat despite your attempts to give it volume? We’ll tell you what the common causes are.
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Superfood  Health and beauty go
Superfood: Shiitake
A good diet is important to ensure that you feel great in your own body. Balanced meals with healthy ingredients that also taste good are the key.
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Beauty  Face oils contain
Face oils - also on warm days
You might think they’ll give you greasy skin and a shiny complexion. But it’s not the case, because face oils are becoming an all-rounder.
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Beauty  We’ll tell you
The wedding season is beginning!
The most beautiful time of the year is here again: wedding season! What could be more beautiful than celebrating the love of two people starting their life together? Pure romance, good food…
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Superfood  In fact, one of the
Superfood: dandelion
In today’s fast-paced, high-stress world, it’s not always easy to eat healthy. But with a few simple tips, you'll be able to do something positive for your health and beauty in no time at all!
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Beauty  People with light eyes
The biggest trends in sunglasses for 2017
Summer is coming and it’s time for women’s favourite accessory: sunglasses. But nowadays sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory; they also protect your eyes from sunshine and…
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Superfood  Coconut sugar is an
Coconut palm sugar: the new superfood
Coconut blossom sugar is a healthy alternative for anyone who wants to do without conventional sugar but not without the sweet side of life.
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Superfood  Read on for more on the
Superfood: Acerola
Acerola is considered a 'superfood' thanks to its very high vitamin C content. Because it is a richer source of vitamin C than any other plant, it provides a host of health and beauty…
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Food   In recent years
Superfood for the skin: sweet potato
We’ve all heard the mantra “beauty comes from within”. There’s a lot of truth in these words, so we should take them onboard, because the food we eat every day affects not only our body,…
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Food  The Smoothie Bowl
Green Smoothie Bowl
Everyone is talking about green smoothie bowls. The green wonder breakfast looks amazing but is super healthy, variable and filling. This is how you do it...
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Beauty   Vetia Mare has been
Vetia Mare: Beauty power from the sea
Vetia Mare is a luxury Swiss beauty brand that uses valuable ingredients from the sea. The sea contains a multitude of organisms that have healing effects on the skin.
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Superfood   Tomatoes can help to
Superfood for your skin: tomatoes
Tomatoes give us vitality and energy. They have many positive effects on our health and appearance. That’s why they’re called a superfood.
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Anti-Aging    Anti-ageing face care
Anti-ageing care
The term “anti-ageing” is central to the cosmetics industry. We are all striving for youthful, fresh and radiant skin. Here we introduce to you the best and most effective anti-ageing products.
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Superfood   Under its dark green to
Superfood for your skin: avocado
Originally from Mexico, the avocado has recently enjoyed unparalleled success. And there are good reasons for the popularity of this unusual fruit.
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Superfood   The banana also has
Superfood for your skin: banana
Bananas contain more than you had imagined. The yellow fruit is a real energy booster and effective snack due to its combination of glucose, fructose and saccharose.
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