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Beauty  Whether it's at a spa,
Beauty power from the sea
Skin care, slimming and relaxation: the sea is a real beauty wonder weapon. We'll introduce to you the beauty treasures from the sea.
Beauty  Whether it's at a spa,
Beauty power from the sea
Skin care, slimming and relaxation: the sea is a real beauty wonder weapon. We'll introduce to you the beauty treasures from the sea.
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Beauty  BB cream with
Beautiful on the beach beauty must-haves
We all want to look great, whether it’s for our summer beach holiday or the pool in town. We’ll show you our beauty must-haves for the beach, so that you can shine as brightly as the sun.
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Food  1. Strawberries
What you need to know about BERRIES
They fight cellulite, slow down the ageing process and protect your body: berries are the delicious natural wonder pills.
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Health  1.  Start your
Project bum
Is it saggy, too flat or too big? You can do something about it. These exercises and products are really effective!
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Food  In the summer, sorbets
Refreshing homemade sorbets
Homemade sorbets are so refreshing, healthy and delicious.
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Beauty  Bleaching and the heat
Part 3: the beauty wonder weapons
Chemical or heat treatments can damage your hair. Damage to the hair structure causes split ends. But this hair treatment makes split ends a thing of the past.
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Beauty  When you are exposed to
Enjoy the sun
The sun has a positive effect on your body. It lifts your mood, increases efficiency, gives you vitality, warms you and is relaxing and calming.
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Food  They should be consumed
Light superfood recipes for hot days
If you want to eat healthily on hot days, you should have superfoods. They are foods distinguished by their high levels of vitamins, fibre or other ingredients.
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With the unique Pharmos Natur Green Luxury ACTIVE INGREDIENT COSMETICS you can experience the special and regenerative effects of select, adaptogenic HEALING AND REJUVENATING PLANTS:…
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Beauty  We want to stay young
You don’t always need the heavy artillery if you want to slow down the ageing process: the right diet, good care and lots of rest will slowly but surely achieve your goal.
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Food  Maca is usually
Superfood: Maca
Maca is a superfood that has long been known in the Andes of Peru.
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Beauty  Pore deep skin cleansing
The beauty miracle weapon part 2
Fine pores with ultrasonic cleansing
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Food   To improve your beauty,
Superfood: Cordycept
Cordycept belongs to the sac fungus family and is an organic medicinal mushroom with a wide range of applications. Its complex healing properties make this mushroom a real superfood with…
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Health  Detox and purify with
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Beauty  If not for ever, but for
If you want to slow down the ageing process, you don’t always need the heavy artillery: the right diet, good care and lots of rest will slowly but surely achieve your goal.
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Food  Pomegranates have been
Superfood: Pomegranate
Pomegranate is a superfood with many secondary plant substances.
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Beauty   We say 'yes': to
The perfect pre-wedding beauty programme
Beautiful bride: Are there wedding bells in your future? Follow the steps in our four-week bridal beauty guide and you'll be a breathtaking beauty on your big day.
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Beauty  Sun damage, red veins
The beauty miracle weapon part 1
Snail secretion and bee venom are secret weapons for achieving an even complexion. We’ll let you into the secret.
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Detox  The magic word is
Do you get sudden redness and unevenness on your face? Then support your skin and help it combat the internal and external troublemakers.
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Food  Grapefruit seed extract
Superfood: Grapefruit seed extract
Beauty and health are increasingly central to the modern lifestyle. Superfoods play an important part in this. A food is termed a superfood when its ingredients have special properties that…
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Beauty   1.   Smooth Finish by
Do you know the good morning moment? The most effective products for your skin and hair can make you feel great every day.
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Health   1. THREE MEALS A
Great tips for boosting your metabolism
The metabolism is a complex thing. It is sometimes sluggish without us knowing why. Here are some tips for getting your metabolism going again.
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Health   Stress begins in the
Tips for dealing with stress
Stress often exerts a negative impact on your mood. We’ll show you how best you can avoid stress or deal with it in a positive way. So that you can smile through your day.
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Detox  1. It’s not the
Unusual reasons why diets don’t work
There are times when the body doesn’t respond to a diet in the way you had hoped. We will list 5 unusual reasons that could explain why you aren’t losing weight as you’d hoped.
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Beauty  Firstly, radiant skin
Food for a natural glow
Women everywhere want a glow. Many cosmetic products promise to give every face a glow. Whether it’s face oils, primers, highlighters or make-up with a glow effect, the range of products is…
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Food  Their ingredients
Superfood: grape seeds
The seeds and skin of wine grapes have many health and beauty benefits. They are rich in secondary plant substances, primarily polyphenols. They also have high levels of vitamin E. That makes…
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Beauty   To start the day
Body care ritual for beautiful skin
We all want beautiful skin so that we can feel great in our skin. One very effective way of achieving beautiful skin is a body care routine that both relaxes your skin and looks after it,…
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Beauty  It can sometimes really
Flat hair: The most common volume mistakes
Is your hair flat despite your attempts to give it volume? We’ll tell you what the common causes are.
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Food  Health and beauty go
Superfood: Shiitake
A good diet is important to ensure that you feel great in your own body. Balanced meals with healthy ingredients that also taste good are the key.
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Summer  Face oils contain
Face oils - also on warm days
You might think they’ll give you greasy skin and a shiny complexion. But it’s not the case, because face oils are becoming an all-rounder.
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Beauty  We’ll tell you
The wedding season is beginning!
The most beautiful time of the year is here again: wedding season! What could be more beautiful than celebrating the love of two people starting their life together? Pure romance, good food…
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Food  In fact, one of the
Superfood: dandelion
In today’s fast-paced, high-stress world, it’s not always easy to eat healthy. But with a few simple tips, you'll be able to do something positive for your health and beauty in no time at all!
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Summer  People with light eyes
The biggest trends in sunglasses for 2017
Summer is coming and it’s time for women’s favourite accessory: sunglasses. But nowadays sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory; they also protect your eyes from sunshine and…
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Food  Coconut sugar is an
Coconut palm sugar: the new superfood
Coconut blossom sugar is a healthy alternative for anyone who wants to do without conventional sugar but not without the sweet side of life.
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Food  Read on for more on the
Superfood: Acerola
Acerola is considered a 'superfood' thanks to its very high vitamin C content. Because it is a richer source of vitamin C than any other plant, it provides a host of health and beauty…
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Food   In recent years
Superfood for the skin: sweet potato
We’ve all heard the mantra “beauty comes from within”. There’s a lot of truth in these words, so we should take them onboard, because the food we eat every day affects not only our body,…
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Food  The Smoothie Bowl
Green Smoothie Bowl
Everyone is talking about green smoothie bowls. The green wonder breakfast looks amazing but is super healthy, variable and filling. This is how you do it...
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Summer   Vetia Mare has been
Beauty power from the sea - Vetia Mare
Vetia Mare is a luxury Swiss beauty brand that uses valuable ingredients from the sea. The sea contains a multitude of organisms that have healing effects on the skin.
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Food   Tomatoes can help to
Superfood for your skin: tomatoes
Tomatoes give us vitality and energy. They have many positive effects on our health and appearance. That’s why they’re called a superfood.
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Beauty    Anti-ageing face care
Anti-ageing care
The term “anti-ageing” is central to the cosmetics industry. We are all striving for youthful, fresh and radiant skin. Here we introduce to you the best and most effective anti-ageing products.
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Food   Under its dark green to
Superfood for your skin: avocado
Originally from Mexico, the avocado has recently enjoyed unparalleled success. And there are good reasons for the popularity of this unusual fruit.
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Beauty   The banana also has
Superfood for your skin: banana
Bananas contain more than you had imagined. The yellow fruit is a real energy booster and effective snack due to its combination of glucose, fructose and saccharose.
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Beauty    What stomach muscles
Tips for achieving the perfect stomach
Many women want a flat stomach, but they very soon find out that it requires a lot of work and motivation. This article describes how it can be achieved and suggests some useful exercises. 

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Beauty  That’s why you
Dangerous ingredients in cosmetics
Health problems are increasingly being caused by unsafe ingredients in cosmetics. Allergies to certain fragrances are indicated by itchy, red skin. Not only is this an unpleasant looking…
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Summer   For a beautiful and
As we get older our skin changes - the skin tone becomes less smooth, dry areas and wrinkles develop. That affects our appearance.
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A healthy diet keeps you young. But which foods also give you a beautiful complexion? Which should you avoid? Our Look Beautiful Team shares their top tips with you.
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Beauty  The natural shades are
Nail varnishes in NUDE TONES
These are the must-have nail varnishes for spring! Nude tone nail varnishes are one of the beauty favourites of the season – and rightly so!
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Health  Camomile can alleviate a
Beauty ABC: Camomile
Camomile not only calms your stomach and gut. It’s a really versatile herbal remedy that can do lots more…
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A healthy diet keeps you young. But which foods also give you a beautiful complexion? Which should you avoid? Our Look Beautiful Team shares their top tips with you .
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Beauty  No cream is as
Face oils are a top tip for tired skin and the new favourite among celebrity make-up artists.
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Detox  Smoothies are perfect
Smoothies are healthy because of their composition: they contain vegetables and fruit, making them deliciously fruity and vitamin-rich drinks. Here are our top 7 smoothie recipes you can make…
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Beauty  NEW at Look Beautiful!
Beauty favourites, February 2017
Beautiful in January with our Beauty favourites of the month: from relaxing luxury for bathtime, to an extra freshness kick at your workplace. We also want to introduce you to brand new products...
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Detox  A detox programme and
On cold evenings it’s tempting to eat heavy meals and sweet puddings. Not only your figure, but also your skin will bear the consequences!
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Beauty  The basis for the
The beauty ABC: sea algae
The positive benefits of sea algae were already recognised in the 19th century. In 1867 the French doctor Bonardyur introduced the term "thalassotherapy" or “sea therapy”.
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Beauty  For example, add a few
Homemade natural cosmetics: using essential oils
It’s this simple- just add essential oils to your favourite cosmetics. We’ll show you how it’s done!
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  Eye patches
Special cosmetic products: Eye patches
The skin around the eyes is the most delicate and thin on our body and it is also often exposed to harmful environmental influences. That’s why it needs special care.
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Health  Coffee contains the
The beauty ABC: coffee
Coffee was used as a natural remedy in Arabic medicine as far back as 900 AD. Later it was used in the cosmetics industry – first in household products, then in professional cosmetics.
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Detox  Die Grundlage dieser
Das Beauty-ABC: Meeresalgen
Meeresalgen - die positiven Eigenschaften wurden bereits im XIX Jahrhundert geschätzt. Im Jahre 1867 hat der französische Arzt Bonardyur den Terminus "Thalassotherapie" oder auch "Heilung…
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Beauty  This includes Nelson
Bee(venom): anti-ageing the royal way
The concept of „Look Beautiful“ is to provide exquisite beauty products that guarantee style conscious women maximum care. We only offer natural products that come from responsible producers…
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Wellness   Personalised jewellery
Valentine’s Day– the loveliest gift ideas for you
Do you have a wish for February 14th? We’ve got a few ideas that your beloved will adore. How about...
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Beauty  This includes the Konjac
Konjac Sponge - how do you use it and what is it good for?
At „Look Beautiful“ we are constantly looking for new innovations in the cosmetics industry that provide exquisite care for the natural beauty of style conscious women.
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Beauty  The composition of cedar
The beauty ABC: cedar oil
Ancient Egyptians knew the beneficial properties of cedar. At first cedar oil was used for embalming and later it was added to perfumes and cosmetics.
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Beauty  Daily eye care – a
Eye care: our favourite eye creams
Eye care is vital to maintaining your fresh, youthful appearance for longer. „Look Beautiful“ will explain why the eye area is particularly vulnerable to wrinkles and how to prevent them with…
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Beauty  So we should consider
What’s the best and most gentle way to remove make-up?
A radiant complexion is based not only on high quality face care and a healthy lifestyle. Make-up removal is also important to allow skin to breathe, so that pores don’t get clogged and to…
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Beauty  In the cosmetics
The beauty ABC: almonds
Almonds are a very useful product and not only for eating. They have many beauty uses too. Almonds were used in beauty treatments in ancient Egypt before they gradually conquered the world.
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Beauty    OILY SKIN   
Our MUST-HAVES for every beauty cupboard! These rich beauty care products will keep your face and body beautiful in winter.
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Food   Vanilla blossoms only
The beauty ABC: Vanilla
Vanilla, which originates in Mexico and Central America, is now one of the most popular spices in the world. The ancient Indian tribes and Aztecs valued it not only for its flavour, but also…
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Frost protection - part 3
Skin becomes tight, itchy and what’s even worse, wrinkles get deeper. Women with low-moisture skin must use lipid regulating products which support the hydrolipid film and form a protective…
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Food  The Italians are very
The beauty ABC: bergamot
Bergamot belongs to the genus of citrus fruits. It was created in south east Asia by crossing bitter orange with lemon. The plant is more prevalent along part of the Italian coastline.
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