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Glowcup - facial suction cup with anti-aging effect!

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, the French brand Glowcup offers a facial care full of good promises!
If you use Glowcup daily, your skin will be comprehensively cared for. Stimulated and energized, your skin will naturally plump and glow again! Your skin is also equipped against skin aging....

What is Glowcup?
Glowcup is a set of accessories with a facial suction cup and an eye cup that provide a facial massage.Glowcup improves the brightness of the skin. It also has an anti-wrinkle effect. And Miniglow, the eye contour suction cup, drains the morning skin edema in a few seconds.

Face, neck, bust: boost your care with Glowcup!

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How does it work?
The application is the same for both cups, but they are designed to be used on different areas:

  • Glow: face, neck and cleavage
  • MiniGlow: eye and mouth contour, and other areas that are difficult to reach with your Glow (thin skin, fine lines that you want to treat more thoroughly, and to drain morning skin swelling)

Before you start, a few minutes of preparation:

For an efficient massage, you must NEVER use Glowcup on a dry skin. Apply a greasy moisturizing cream or balm on your face, neck and/or cleavage with a product your skin is familiar with, or with one of our specific creams.

And technically?
By massaging your skin with Glowcup, you are stimulating all the agents responsible for the health of your skin:

  • Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production becomes more important. Tonic effect and cutaneous elasticity guaranteed!
  • Blood microcirculation is activated, moisturizing is more efficient. Your skin is more radiant, more beautiful!

Massaging also means exercising your skin… Because keep in mind that your face muscles need exercise too! Then, the massage makes these muscles (face and neck) work and tone them up. You are also preventing skin slackening.

Clinical Results

 Radiance boost:

  • radiance and brightness of the skin: + 8% at D + 28  
  • rosy complexion with healthy glow (pastel pink): + 15% at D + 28.

Plumping action:

  • Density of the facial skin: + 5% at D + 28.

Anti-wrinkle action:

  • "crow's feet" wrinkles: - 12% at D + 28. 

• 82% of users say that they noticed facial skin more beautiful
• 77% of users say that they noticed their skin brighter
• 77% of women say that eye contour care with Miniglow drains morning skin edema (bags under the eyes in the morning).

The Dermscan laboratory conducted Glowcup clinical study with 22 people (36 to 65 years) over a period of 28 days.

The use of the product has been daily.