Egyptian Magic has been shaking up the beauty world for 25 years with its phenomenal balm, that turns even the driest areas of skin into a soft miracle. Since then the purely natural beauty care product has been an insider’s tip, delighting professional make-up artists and stylists. Egyptian Magic’s mission is to boost beauty and wellbeing. The recipe is a unique formula containing high-quality natural ingredients such as beeswax and olive oil and no additives. It’s a philosophy that has attracted countless devotees around the world.

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Egyptian Magic

The special features of Egyptian Magic

  • Pure natural cosmetics with healing ingredients
  • Favourite product of the stars
  • Free from parabens, genetically altered plants and additives
  • Free from preservatives
  • According to an old recipe from Egypt
  • Cream for face, body, hair, hands and feet

Favourite product of celebrities & beauty experts

A cult product for 20 years: Egyptian Magic is one of the most famous beauty products in the world. Models, actors, doctors and make-up artists are fans of the miracle cream. The natural product is multi-talented. It eliminates impurities and can refine pores. Dry areas of skin are softened – not only on the stomach, legs and buttocks, but it also helps flaky skin on the face and cracked fingernails. As a hair mask Egyptian Magic achieves unique results – strand by strand the hair becomes soft and shiny. It is ideal for massages. Because of its oily but not sticky texture it creates a beautiful „glow“. In short: the all-rounder is perfect for a wellness day. It’s hard to believe that the success story of the natural balm has been through word of mouth alone.

Natural cosmetics according to an Egyptian formula

Ancient healing knowledge in a new form: 25 years ago Egyptian Magic rediscovered an old beauty care recipe. It contains 6 natural power ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, bee Propolis, bee pollen, royal jelly and honey. The formula has long been used in Egypt for healthy skin – without anything artificial. Egyptian Magic continues the tradition. The credo is pure nature, no chemicals. So it is produced in a sustainable manner: free from parabens, genetically altered plants, additives and preservatives. In a concentrated form it delivers vitamins for your skin – effectively, naturally and purely. The nourishing effect is unique, whether as facial care, body care, eye care or as part of manicures and pedicuresEgyptian Magic has a magical effect over your whole body.

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