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Murali, the founder of Asmi Ayurveda, grew up in a coconut farm in Kerala, following the Ayurveda regimen without ever calling it so. Freshly made hibiscus paste was his shampoo till he turned 17! Making body and hair oils was a family affair with kids in charge of plucking the right herbs! Moving to Germany a decade ago, Murali realised the need for an authentic Ayurveda brand, rooted in tradition but modern in design and sustainable in production. He reached out to Dr. Sreekrishnan, a second generation Ayurveda doctor in India to formulate the oils and teas. Nina Bruun, an award winning designer from Copenhagen and jury member of the German Design Prize gave āsmi her design identity and form. For Murali, Ayurveda cannot be authentic if it is not sustainable and socially responsible. The teas are made in Germany at an integrative facility for the disabled. The tin boxes are made by the last remaining German box manufacturer. The labels are made with stone paper that does not need a drop of water or wood for production. The tea pots are hand made in Modena and the tea towels in Sweden. The beautiful glass bottles for the perfume oils are made near Venice and filled in Hamburg. The certified paper packaging comes from Stuttgart. Thus, Asmi combines century old tradition with modern design and sustainable production for the eco-conscious customer who does not want to compromised on lifestyle.

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What. āsmi means "I am" in Sanskrit. At āsmi Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old Indian healing art of Ayurveda meets sustainable, Scandinavian design. Rooted in tradition, we have developed Ayurvedic teas, body oils and handmade accessories with ecological and integrative aspects.

How. At Asmi, sustainability is not an additional to-do list, but the core of our philosophy. We follow balance and connectedness, the two core principles of Ayurveda. Balance means conscious consumption and connectedness means that we are considerate of nature and society in everything we do.

Who. Murali Nair (b. 1981, Kerala, India). Manager with international experience in business, academia and NGOs. After his Master's degree in Marketing (Delhi, India), he completed a further Master's degree - as a scholarship holder of the German Academic Exchange Service - at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. The team includes a staff member for social media.

Why? I grew up on a farm in Kerala, India, the home of Ayurveda. There I experienced and internalised Ayurveda in daily life. For example, by making our own oils and shampoos with herbs from the garden. We were taught to appreciate and protect nature.

When. 2019