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Vetia Floris is a pure Swiss natural cosmetics brand. The world’s first luxury organic range combines moisture and protection to support the skin’s own metabolism and regenerative capabilities. Natural active ingredients from Alpine flowers and botanical fruit juices provide optimal anti-ageing. The balancing effect is immediately visible. Enhanced with delicate, natural fragrances, Vetia Floris luxuriously relaxes and nourishes. It’s perfect for beauty lovers who want to use the exclusive power of nature in their rejuvenating beauty ritual

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The special features of Vetia Floris

  • The world’s first luxury organic skin care
  • Natural cosmetics from Switzerland
  • Exclusive anti-ageing solutions
  • Only the purest organic ingredients
  • Essential oils and Swiss flowers

Green is beautiful

The trend is green. Nourished by the unique Swiss flora, Vetia Floris is a pioneer in organic luxury beauty care. The finest textures, fragrances and natural active ingredients from Alpine flowers and botanical fruit juices form the basis for the exclusive skin care. The Swiss brand uses only organic ingredients. The result is a green product range that lets you feel the freshness of the Alps on your skin. Your skin will be smoother and firmer. You’ll have a more youthful appearance and luxuriously soft skin.

Pure Swiss goodness

Vetia Floris uses Swiss expertise to create the purest and most effective anti-ageing care with a luxury feel. Only the best ingredients are used: hyaluronic acid, magnolia extract, shea butter and the finest essential oils from Swiss flowers that are known for their nourishing and protecting ingredients. This creates a luxury organic collection that meets the highest standards. The skin’s elasticity and regenerative capabilities are improved. It feels wonderfully pampered and is deeply moisturised as if you’ve bathed in a clear mountain lake. Exquisitely coordinated, Vetia Floris beauty products are for all skin types: eye cream, face cream, body lotion, rejuvenating elixirs, cleanser and hand cream. The result: a silky soft complexion with a special radiance.