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Fair produced for nature

Quality, longevity, high quality - instead of cheap, bulk goods, disposable products.

Since our foundation in 2002, we have been continuously improving the quality of the peeling effect and skin-friendliness of our peeling gloves, but also the longevity. We strive for a manufacturing process in harmony with man and nature.
In 2016, the company was renamed KISSMEE to SPA MAROC, but the brand KISSMEE remains the same.

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Ecologically through longevity - this is one of our most important goals. We do not need a thousand things that are broken after a short time. This puts a strain on the environment in the production process, consumes meaningless resources, increases the garbage dumps and is also expensive in the long term. The reason for this development is the greed for ever more and faster turnover of anonymous large conglomerates whose only goal is maximum profit. In reality, we live better and happier with a few high-quality things that accompany us for a long time. Nothing contributes so much to environmental protection, as limiting to long-lasting, good products. Our FIRST CLASS peeling gloves give you many years of wellbeing. At least two years is the standard. Many customers have their gloves but already six, seven, eight years and well maintained, they still do their service. The back peeling blanket is so simple that it can hardly break. The structure of the material peels even after many years almost as on the first day. Our peeling gloves can be washed in the washing machine, most of them even at 60 ° C and are therefore hygienically perfect.

Sustainability is a key issue for SPA MAROC. The cellulose for the VISCOSE and the ACETAT come from renewable forests from Scandinavia and Canada. Both are manufactured under strict Ökotex guidelines. The colors used come from the EU and are subject to the strict Ökotex standards. The rubber band of our First Class gloves is certified by Ökotex and comes from a German production.

No exploitation: The productions in Germany and the EU are subject to the strict labor regulations of Europe. Our manufacturer is a Moroccan family business and has always committed itself to fair wages, long-term employment, regular working hours and employs exclusively employees over 18 years.