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Laboratoires Lierac Paris - Innovative cosmetic products for women's beauty

Over 40 years of innovation at the service of women's beauty.

Since its creation in 1975, Laboratoires LIERAC has been using the latest discoveries in modern medicine and transferring them to cosmetics to offer women highly effective treatments to correct aesthetic imperfections that naturally appear over time on the face and body. Innovative dermocosmetics give Laboratoires LIERAC a confident femininity Sensual textures, delicious fragrances, elegant presentations, a French chic that makes each product a true pleasure for the senses and allows women to enhance their beauty without having to choose between efficiency and pleasure.

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Laboratoires LIERAC

LIERAC Body-Slim care products against cellulite

Cellulite is the result of a general slowing of metabolism in the three layers of the skin, leading to characteristic skin manifestations such as dimpling and swelling due to decreased lipolysis of fat cells, loss of firmness (due to decreased synthesis of collagen fibers by fibroblasts), and a change in skin quality (due to decreased renewal of keratinocytes).

Laboratoires LIERAC researchers have always focused on the observation and understanding of cellulite and related phenomena. Their expertise led to the development of BODY SLIM, a top-of-the-line slimming treatment. The formulas feature 2 important innovations: the active caffeine complex, a new generation active ingredient capable of releasing fat and reducing adipocyte volume, and the WTB (White To Brown) system, the first LIERAC complex capable of transforming memory cells into "fat-burning" cells( 2 These 2 skincare products have an active texture with immediate enveloping action.

Body Slim Cryoactive Concentrate is a gel with instant cold effect with fresh floral fragrance and reduces stubborn cellulite, purifies and intensively reduces fat. A medical slimming treatment with cryolipolysis that cools the treated area to -10 degrees, which increases irisin production, destroying fat cells.

The ultimate global slimming treatment - Body Slimming Concentrate - with increased effectiveness to refine the figure, tighten the skin and smooth cellulite is a melting gel with instant tightening effect Fresh fragrance notes of iris, rose and jasmine.