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Clean Beauty Concept has set itself the goal of changing the way people care for their skin. It is about more than just natural and organic ingredients: clean beauty concept is a 100% pure No-Tox skin care program that offers you a natural but effective alternative to Botox & Co.

3 minutes daily are enough to achieve a visible rejuvenation effect!

✓ 100 % pure No-Tox skin care program
✓ Perfectly coordinated - for maximum effect
✓ Natural and certified ingredients
✓ Sustainability & environmentally friendly packaging material
✓ Animal experiment-free, vegan and completely without alcohol
✓ Free from parabens, phthalates, PEGs, silicones, preservatives and artificial fragrances

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Clean Beauty Concept

Our philosophy - Austrian clean beauty, organic, Unsere Philosophievegan

clean beauty concept is a mindful beauty movement, a 100% pure No-Tox skin care program, which offers the perfect alternative for all those who value natural active ingredients in connection with effective results. All products are uncompromisingly natural, vegan and free of all additives. Sustainable right through to packaging: no outer packaging, perfect preservation conditions thanks to Miron glass bottles, labels with responsibility. And short distances: Austrian Clean Beauty. The best thing about clean beauty concept is that it delivers effects in many ways. It makes the skin look radiant and healthy. In addition, the ritual also provides valuable me-time.

People are becoming more aware and more attentive in all areas of life, dealing with ingredients and materials in cosmetics or clothing. Nonetheless, there are estimates that the average woman is about 168 synthetic chemicals before leaving the house in the morning. Few people are aware of this. With clean beauty concept we want to take a different, better path. The few ingredients in the products are clearly declared, the rituals are simple, the effects are visible after a few minutes of use.



Founder Natalie Herzlieb: How it all began!

Beauty has been my great passion for over two decades. She started at L'Oreal Luxe in 1999, followed by 20 years of collaboration with various international manufacturers and brands from the beauty industry. In the course of my career I was able to gain valuable insights. Important encounters such as the longstanding collaboration with Austria's leading dermatologist Dr. Hajnal Kiprov joined them. The constant search for a suitable product for my sensitive, dry skin and a natural alternative to Botox & Filler awakened the desire in me to found my own beauty label: with products that make my skin shine and make Botox & Co. superfluous and above all are "clean". In 2020 I got serious and launched "clean beauty concept " - Cosmetics different, unique and sustainable. I didn't just want to bring another facial care range onto the market.

Clean Beauty Founder

Packaging: "Tree-free" labels & high quality Miron glass bottles instead of plastic

clean beauty concept works in the laboratory with the most modern production methods and small product batches. Particular emphasis is placed on sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging material. All products are filled in purple Miron glass. One of the most effective methods of storing natural molecular structures long-term and protected from lightThis unique combination offers optimal protection against the aging processes that are triggered by visible light. It thus enables a longer shelf life and increases the effectiveness of the products.

The use of violet glass can be traced back to the heyday of Egyptian high culture. Nice Back then, precious essences and natural products were kept in vessels made of violet glass and gold. The label is made from sustainable limestone paper - a tree-free paper alternative. A small amount of plastic in the caps and dispensers cannot be avoided because of their function. But it's kept as environmentally friendly as possible and recyclable.



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