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Exquisite . Organic . Made in USA

A new era of Luxury Beauty has begun.

Henné organics has developed the first purely ecological lip care line. Since 2015 our swedish-american brand combines minimalist design with natural and pure ingredients - the pure feeling of well-groomed lips !

Ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, avocado oil and shea butter are the basis for a rich care of the sensitive skin of the lips.

HENNÉ ORGANICS is USDA certified. The luxury lip balms consist of 99.2% certified organic ingredients. All ingredients are 100% natural and free from genetic engineering.

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The journey toward henné started far before 2015. Curiosity and wanderlust took me around the globe to countries like sweden, denmark, new zealand, australia and back again.Living abroad and moving frequently forced me to declutter and truly focus on the essentials. This habit quickly developed into a fundamental part of my being and has led to a strong appreciation for beauty in simplicity and luxury in the basics.

Henné organics is my first step into the world of indie beauty and in a remarkable way, i believe that all the past experiences have led me to this point.

Thank you for taking the time to discover the world of henné,
and i hope that my luxury lip gems bring you moments of bliss every day.

With love,
Laura xiao
Founder of Henné Organics