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Beauty made in Korea! The skin is our biggest organ and the most visible. So it should have special care. It’s Skin, one of the most popular beauty brands in Korea, transforms your skin into an area of pure wellbeing. Intensive clinical research forms the basis for all their care products. They contain innovative active ingredients combined with elegance and balance to revitalise every skin type.  But that’s not all. The nourishing treats from Korea bring you new beauty knowledge and the wonderful feeling of pure care, sustainable beauty and natural purity.

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It's Skin

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Caviar Double Effect Set
Anti-aging skin care

It's Skin Caviar Double Effect Set wirkt dem Alterungsprozess...

It's Skin Smart Solution 365 Silky Sun Block
Sun Care - Face & Body

IT'S SKIN SmartSolution 365 Silky Sun Block protects you...

CAVIAR Double Effect Toner
Face care - toner

It's Skin Caviar Double Effect Creme slows down skin...

CAVIAR Double Effect Serum
Face care - serum

It's Skin Caviar Double Effect Creme slows down skin...

CAVIAR Double Effect Eye Essence
Anti-aging eye care

It's SKIN Caviar Double Effect Eye...

CAVIAR Double Effect Emulsion
Face care - Emulsion

It's Skin Caviar Double Effect Emulsion slows down...

Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Serum
Face serum

The Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Serum improves skin tone....

Hyaluronic Add Moisture Emulsion
Facial cleansing emulsion

The Hyaluronic Add Moisture Emulsion improves skin...

Hyaluronic Add Moisture Cream
Face care - Face cream

The Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner improves skin tone....

Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner
Face toner

The It´s Skin Hyaluronic Acid Moisture...

Prestige Creme Ginseng D'escargot
Anti-aging skin care

The luxury cream with the star active ingredients snail extract...

CAVIAR Double Effect Cream
Anti-aging skin care

It's Skin Caviar Double Effect Creme slows down skin...

Prestige d’Escargot Wash Corps & Lotion Duo von It's Skin
Body care duo

Luxury wash and bodylotion from Korea - tightens, regenerates...

Collagen Eye Cream & Voluming Cream Duo von It's Skin
Anti-Aging Gesichtspflege

Perfectly balanced anti-aging facial and eye care duo with...

Dust Defense Cleansing Pack  von It's Skin
Facial clanser

The Dust Defense protects and cleans...

Prestige Rose De Black Cream Special Set on It's Skin
Anti-Aging premium set

Fabric based gel mask with extract...

Collagen – Nutrition Serum von It's Skin
Anti-Aging Face serum

Skin nourishment – nourishing serum with marine collagen...

Collagen - Voluming Cream von  It's Skin
Anti-Aging Face moisturizer

Precious lifting cream with phyto collagen for dry skin. The...

Premium Booster White Syn-Ake von  It's Skin
Anti Aging face moisturizer

A anti-ageing effect for your face - the gentle way to...

Collagen - Nutrition Eye Cream von It's Skin
Anti-aging eye care

Anti-aging care with phyto collagen for sparklingly beautiful...

Prestige Lotion D'Escargot II (Riche) von It's Skin

 Luxurious lotion for dry skin with snail secretion. It...

Prestige Circuler Lift D'Escargot von It's Skin
Anti-Aging face moisturizer

Moisturizing anti-ageing facial lifting cream containing extract...

Prestige Creme D'Escargot von It's Skin
Anti Aging face moisturizer

Creme D’Escargot with mucin gives your face a...

Prestige Masque SYN-AKE (1 Stk) von It's Skin
Face mask

Finishing touch for your skin: wrinkle-minimising face mask with...

Prestige Masque SYN-AKE (Inh. 5 Stk)  von It's Skin
Face mask

Concentrated wrinkle-minimising face mask with Swiss ingredient...

Snail Moisture Mask Sheet (1 Stk.) von It's Skin
Face mask

Moisturizing face mask with snail secretion. It smooths the skin...

UVA/UVB Wrinkle Care Whitening von It's Skin  
Whitening sun blocker

Skin-lightening sun cream with 4-part active complex for...

Smart Solution – Silky Sun Essence von It's Skin
Sun blocker

Sun protection essence from Korea with plant extracts and...

Smart Solution – Watery Sun Gel von It's Skin
Sun protection gel

Smart sun protection: Watery Sun Gel with SPF 30 and exquisite...

Smart Solution – Whipping Sun Gel von It's Skin
Sun protection gel

Smart sun protection: Sun Gel with SPF 50+ and exquisite...

Skin UV away – Sun Mist SPF50+ / PA+++ von It's Skin
Sun mist

Refreshing sun protection: fine Sun Mist with SPF 50+ and...

Smart Solution – After Care Lotion von It's Skin
Refreshing after sun lotion

After Care Lotion with vitamins and calming tree extracts that...

Prestige Lotion D'Escargot I (Légère) von It's Skin
Skin Firming Lotions

Firms, regenerates and reduces skin blemishes, thanks to...

Prestige Crème Corps d’EscargotPrestige Crème Corps d’Escargot  Vorschau: Prestige Crème Corps d’Escargot  Vorschau: Prestige Crème Corps d’Escargot  Vorschau: Prestige Crème Corps d’Escargot Weitere Artikel von It's Skin   Weitere Produkte der Kategorie
Body cream

The special ingredient – luxurious body cream with mucin...

Prestige Wash Corps d’Escargot von It's Skin
Body cleansing lotion

Snail spa – luxurious wash lotion with a Korean spirit and...

Prestige d’Escargot Finale von It's Skin
Regenerating facial care

Happy ending – Finale gives you an extra fresh shine at...

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The special features of It’s Skin

  • Korean premium brand
  • Clinically researched beauty formulas
  • Innovative ingredient: snail secretion
  • Luxurious anti-ageing solutions for all skin types
  • Exquisite range: facial care, body care and eye care

Innovative ingredients for beauty

Snail secretion is the special ingredient – It’s Skin sets new benchmarks in the beauty world. Every products contains this special ingredient. With success: the innovative approach of the Korean luxury brand makes it a sought-after essential for exclusive care far beyond Asia. Beauty connoisseurs in the USA and Europe value the innovative beauty treatments. Snail secretion is the new star ingredient for anti-ageing, because is regenerates and revitalises. Whether on your stomach, buttocks, face or the sensitive eye area, mucin (as it is technically termed) is a cell-activating beauty miracle for beautiful skin. It helps to minimise wrinkles, reduce skin stress and make skin firmer.

Korean beauty secrets

Koreans are known for their intensive beauty rituals. Serum follows face cream, eye pads, face mask and a luxurious finishing product provides a revitalising and nourishing ending. It’s Skin exclusively provides the complete package. Presented in a gold design, at first glance the clinically researched beauty formulas give a feeling of exclusive vitality. A treat for every home spa. Beauty lovers who value pore-deep cleansing and luxurious facial care will be taken on a journey to wellness paradise by the Korean premium products. Every day.

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