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British M - Korean hair care brand

British M is a Korean hair care brand by prominent hairstylists. Although the name suggests it must be a British brand, it is the brainchild of Jung Moungsim, head hairstylist at Jenny House, and her team of head stylists. They focus on innovative technology, safe ingredients and functional quality features.

It is a cult product and the brand is well known in many luxury and boutique hair salons in Seoul. It has been featured in many Korean beauty magazines. The professional products are very popular in the hairstylist community.

Like any other beauty brand, it is in line with the Korean philosophy of "skin first". The products are made with gentle and safe ingredients, so everything you apply to your scalp and hair is safe. The brand believes that for healthy hair you should use low pH shampoos, products with organic ingredients and paraben-free formulas.

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