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Rahua / Amazon Beauty

Aloe Vera Hair Gel

120 ml (€31.40 / 100 ml)

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Special features

✓ Rich in antioxidants
✓ Promotes hair health
✓ Strengthens the hair during styling
✓ Smoothes and prevents frizz
✓ Gives natural shine

Detail description

Aloe Vera Hair Gel by Rahua is a refreshing hair gel that helps you create your own style and at the same time optimally nourish the hair. The hair gel is flexible, soft and smoothing and repairs damaged hair during styling. The regenerating hair gel with organic aloe vera, cucumber and sugar cane shapes the strands and gives them shine. It provides the hair with nutrients, promoting optimal health. Suitable for all hair types.

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Good to know

Green antioxidants include: Aloe vera, cucumber and chlorophyll. Symbiotic antioxidants from the rainforest: guayusa, rahua, sacha inchi.

How to use

For more and flexible hold, apply the gel to towel-dried hair and massage into strands. Then air dry or blow dry.


BIO ALOE VERA: Rich medicinal properties, filled with antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E; smoothes, hydrates and nourishes, giving new vitality to damaged and dull hair. SUGAR CAN: Provides hold, definition and natural shine. GUAYUSA: Contains twice as many antioxidants as green tea, reduces free radical damage, and vitamin B3 (with niacin) supports healthy hair. RAHUA OIL: This omega-9 rich oil strengthens weak and damaged hair, nourishes and maintains hair health. *Enriched with refreshing cucumber and green chlorophyll. *Symbiotic® is the standard of Rahua®. For an ingredient to be classified as Symbiotic®, it must be grown in the rainforest (wild) in undisturbed native forests, harvested and prepared according to indigenous knowledge by local people, and purchased at a price that helps maintain and preserve these traditions, build the economy, and empower indigenous people.


Rahua / Amazon Beauty

Natural hair care from Rahua

Rahua products, known for their pure ingredients and unparalleled performance, are available today because of a miraculous confluence of events. Fabian Lliguin, a renowned hairstylist and colorist in New York City, was visiting the Amazon rainforest as an environmentalist to educate indigenous people about their land and human rights when he noticed he was surrounded by women with fantastically long, shiny hair that reached their waists.

For centuries, the women of the Quechua-Shuar natural tribe have trekked deep into the Amazon rainforest to extract a highly potent, invigorating oil they call rahua.

Even today, the precious oil is extracted using traditional methods and in close cooperation with the women of the Amazon nations. The respect for the rainforest and its cultures is palpable in every drop of the 100% natural Rahua collection.


Customer evaluation for "Aloe Vera Hair Gel"
1 Dec 2022


Ich bin begeistert! Haarstyling Produkte trocknet die Haare immer aus und enthalten keine pflegenden Inhaltsstoffe. Dieses Haargel gibt eine Kombi aus Pflege und Halt. Prima für meine trockenen welligen Haare, die etwas mehr Struktur und Feuchtigkeit brauchen

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