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Rahua / Amazon Beauty

Hydration Hair Mask

120 ml (€39.96 / 100 ml)

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Special features

✓ Provides the necessary moisture
✓ Tames frizz and prevents split ends
✓ Repairs damaged and porous hair
✓ Gives shine

Detail description

Rahua's Hydration Hair Mask provides your dry and thirsty hair with the moisture it needs thanks to the rich blend of Symbiotic® Rahua Oil and Shea Butter. The mask is based on botanical ingredients and provides moisturizing that penetrates deep into the hair structure. The mask revitalizes, makes your hair shine and makes it smooth and soft. Perfect for curly, thick, coarse, porous and damaged hair.

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Good to know

Best suited for: All hair types that suffer from dryness - especially beneficial for curly/thick/coarse/porous hair.

How to use

Apply a generous amount of the mask before or after shampooing and distribute evenly. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. You can also use the mask as a leave in treatment. Recommended frequency: once a week hair treatment; fine hair: use 2+ pumps of the mask; thick hair: use 4+ pumps of the mask.


RAHUA (UNGURAHUA): Amazonian women have relied on the oil of this tree nut for eons to condition and strengthen their hair. It strengthens weak, damaged strands, nourishes and maintains the health of hair follicles and scalp, and its superfine molecules push color pigmentation deep into the hair shaft, greatly extending color longevity. We use Symbiotic®* Rahua.

SACHA INCHI: Long a food source in the Amazon, these seeds are exceptionally rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, including vitamins A and E. Sacha inchi oil retains moisture in the hair and conditions and soothes the scalp. We use Symbiotic®* sacha inchi.

MORETE OIL: The oil from the pulp of this Amazonian fruit is rich in vitamins A, C and E, essential fatty acids, tocopherols and carotenoids - especially beta-carotene - and protects the hair from harmful UVA rays. We use Symbiotic®* Morete.

SHEA BUTTER: This extract from the nut of an African tree, long prized for its medicinal and emollient properties, softens frizzy hair, locks in moisture to protect hair from dryness and brittleness, and moisturizes and balances the scalp.

BIO PASSION FRUITS: The vitamin C of this tropical fruit helps regulate the optimal PH balance of the hair and scalp, and its exotic aroma is beguiling.

BIOLOGICAL MANGO SUGAR: This juicy tropical fruit exudes a subtle, irresistibly exotic scent and contains sugars that help bind oil proteins to the hair to maximize hydration.

QUINOA: This gluten-free superfood, called the "mother of all grains" by the ancient Incas, revitalizes hair and promotes healing and moisture retention.

*Symbiotic® is the Rahua® standard. Rahua products are made with certified symbiotic ingredients. Certified Symbiotic ingredients are made entirely from wild plants and flora, deep in pristine forests. Each ingredient is handcrafted by indigenous tribal communities using ancestral knowledge, and manufacturers receive three times the standard Fair Trade price.


Rahua / Amazon Beauty

For centuries the women of the Quechua-Shuar tribe have gone deep into the Amazon rainforest to harvest the highly effective, invigorating oil that they call rahua. In the 1990s they shared this ancient knowledge with the renowned New York stylist Fabian Lliguin, who was born in Ecuador and is related to the Quechua. And so Rahua, a luxurious hair care range from Amazon Beauty was born. The precious oil is still produced by traditional methods in close cooperation with the women of the Amazon nations. This great respect for the rainforest and its cultures is evident in every drop of the 100 % natural rahua collection.

Customer evaluation for "Hydration Hair Mask"
15 Mar 2022


Das macht mein Haar so weich!! Ich mische ein wenig von der Omega-Maske dazu und es ist wie Magie in meinem Haar. Ich liebe es!!

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