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Wellness  Do you toss and turn and
Good night!
Several million people in Germany, two thirds of them women, have sleep problems. Many people simply can’t get to sleep. So they wander around their house at night or lie awake for hours.
Wellness  At Look Beautiful we’ve
New goals for the New Year
About 80% of people start the New Year with good intentions. The following resolutions top the list: To be healthy and do more sport.
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Wellness   1. Healthy fats  
Stay slim through Advent: part 1
The Advent period is beginning. But how do you avoid putting on weight? This year we’ll give you top tips and a workout plan to help you.
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Wellness   How effective is the
Kettlebell workout
Kettlebells make a whole new type of workout possible. Round weights, as they’re also called, allow you to exercise specific muscles.They comprise a ball with a flattened base. At the top…
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Wellness  It’s best to have
Daily 10 minute workout
You don’t need to be a sporting ace or to devote your life entirely to sport. It’s not healthy to exercise excessively, as the list of injuries suffered by sports professionals proves.
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Wellness  Everyone knows that
Back to daily life after your holiday
How to make your return stress-free: We’ve got some tips to help you stay relaxed when you get back to daily life after your holiday.
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Wellness   The right place  
Summer workout
In summer exercising is harder. After just a few minutes you’re out of breath and need a break. So you need to adapt your summer workout to the high temperatures. This text describes how to…
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Wellness  1.  Start your
Project bum
Is it saggy, too flat or too big? You can do something about it. These exercises and products are really effective!
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Wellness   1. THREE MEALS A
Great tips for boosting your metabolism
The metabolism is a complex thing. It is sometimes sluggish without us knowing why. Here are some tips for getting your metabolism going again.
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Wellness   Stress begins in the
Tips for dealing with stress
Stress often exerts a negative impact on your mood. We’ll show you how best you can avoid stress or deal with it in a positive way. So that you can smile through your day.
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Wellness  1. It’s not the
Unusual reasons why diets don’t work
There are times when the body doesn’t respond to a diet in the way you had hoped. We will list 5 unusual reasons that could explain why you aren’t losing weight as you’d hoped.
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Wellness  Modern science has
The power of aromas
The aromas of essential oils affect our feelings and emotions. The positive effect of essential oils on physical and mental wellbeing has been known for thousands of years.
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Wellness    BODY & SOUL
What do we love most on a stormy autumn day? Turning our bathroom into a wellness oasis and enjoying a long bath. A very, very long bath. Here are the most gorgeous ingredients:
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