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High quality & natural conditioners

High quality & natural conditioners

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What is a hair conditioner?

The secret of a glamorous hairstyle is in the details. Massage a luxury conditioner into your hair and you will see and feel the difference after the first application: your hair gets an irresistible shine and feels soft and smooth. On Look Beautiful you will find high-quality luxury conditioners from which you can choose your favorite conditioner directly online.

A conditioner is called a hair conditioner and provides your hair with extra protection. Complementary to the shampoo, which is primarily intended to clean your hair, the conditioner is considered a basic care for damaged hair.

A conditioner...

... moisturizes.
... detangles the hair and fights fizz.
... gives your hair more shine.
... strengthens the hair to the tips.
... provides hair health.

How to use hair conditioner?

Include hair conditioner in your hair care routine. You wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and then drip dry with a towel. In damp hair, you can now apply the conditioner. Massage it thoroughly into your scalp while enjoying the pleasant scent of our exquisite conditioners, which contain fruit extracts and other fragrant active ingredients.
Leave the hair conditioner on for about three minutes and then rinse thoroughly. We recommend regular use.

When should I apply a hair conditioner?

A conditioner is the first choice for dry hair that seems "thirsty" and in need of special care. Listen to your body and take the time for extra hair care! The rich conditioner moisturizes your hair to the deepest levels - for a beautiful, radiant shine.
In addition to conditioner, you can also create an impressive effect with hair masks and hair oils. When doing so, make sure that the products are of high quality. With us, you can be sure that we offer only the highest quality products.

Hair type: which conditioners/conditioners do I need?

You will find conditioners on Look Beautiful that are suitable for all hair types, but also conditioners for special requirements. Take a look at the details on the product page under "Special Features". Here you can find out whether the conditioner is recommended primarily for colored hair, for example, or for particularly damaged hair.

Curly Girl Method

With the right conditioner (hair) it succeeds.

If you have a natural curly head or wavy hair, you have certainly already come into contact with the Curly Girl Method, which promises you beautiful natural curls. You can easily implement the method, which was developed by Lorraine Massey. Take to heart these rules:

  • Do not use shampoo, but use a conditioner (without silicones).
  • Wash your hair daily.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly - with cold water.
  • Treat your curls without heat.

Use the plopping method and drop your damp curls upside down into the towel. This gives the hair extra bounce when it can dry tight against your head.

4 Beauty Tips: Apply conditioner perfectly

With a high-quality conditioner you care for your optimally. We have compiled four more exclusive beauty tips for you:

  • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water at most.
  • Massage the conditioner into damp (not wet) hair.
  • The longer you leave the conditioner on, the greater the conditioning effect.
  • Choose a conditioner that has been developed precisely for your hair type. The ingredients are so adapted to the needs of your hair.

Discover luxurious hair conditioners from top brands

Look Beautiful is an online store for exclusive cosmetic products. If you want to pamper yourself with high-quality hair care, you have come to the right place. You can order the luxurious hair conditioners directly online and we will deliver them to your home. Look forward to powerful hair with more bounce - thanks to our highly effective conditioners!

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