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High quality & natural hair masks

High quality & natural hair masks

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What do hair masks do for your hair?

Our hair is exposed to many stresses in everyday life: colorations, styling products, blow-drying and hair styling with straighteners or curling irons can attack the hair structure and make the hair look dull and weak over time. In addition to a mild, well-cleansing shampoo and the obligatory conditioner, which should be used with every hair wash to smooth the hair structure, hair masks ensure healthy and resistant hair.

Why are masks for hair so popular?

Hair masks can do much more than shampoo and conditioner, because they are full of highly concentrated and active ingredients that build the hair structure, repair hair damage and provide the hair with nutrients so that it is healthy and shiny.

What is the best hair mask?

Active ingredients such as creatine, vitamins, high-quality plant oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil as well as omega-9 fatty acids

  • provide intensive moisture,
  • provide effective deep repair,
  • improve the hair structure,
  • strengthen the hair
  • and regenerate the scalp.

The result is strong and healthy shiny hair that can withstand any styling and effectively protected from split ends and hair breakage.

Find your favorite mask for hair at Look Beautiful!

A hair mask delivers the highly potent active ingredients directly into the hair, so that clearly visible results can be achieved after just one application. To effectively restore damaged hair or to maintain healthy hair, a hair mask should be part of your beauty routine.
Discover our exclusive hair masks and other hair products from Rahua or Argan Oil Cosmetics. The high-quality hair care shampoos guarantee you radiant and shiny hair.

How do I apply a hair mask for dry hair?

Used regularly once or twice a week, you can significantly increase the quality of your hair with a hair mask. The hair mask should be generously distributed in the hair from the roots to the tips. An application time of 5 to 15 minutes is sufficient for visible results, but a hair mask can also be applied well overnight to maximize the effect.
The effect can also be increased by wrapping the hair in a towel, because the heat allows the active ingredients to penetrate the hair structure better. It is important to rinse thoroughly after use, so that no residue remains in the hair.

Advantages of a moisturizing mask for hair

  • Hair quality is significantly improved.
  • Hair damage is repaired.
  • Hair damage is prevented.
  • You get beautiful and shiny hair.
  • You will provide more hair health.

Do you want to order a luxurious hair mask without silicones?

You can find hair masks from major cosmetic brands with just a few clicks at Look Beautiful. You will benefit from glamorous products and customized care. Whether you are looking for a silicone-free shampoo, conditioner or hair oil - selected top brands await you on Look Beautiful.

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