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Rough skin file

1 Piece


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Special features

✓ Two sides: rough/fine
✓ Gently removes calloused skin
✓ Washable
✓ Waterproof wooden handle
✓ High quality manufacture
✓ Long durability

Detail description

All of us want silky soft feet. But calloused skin often forms on the feet. It’s not usually harmful, in fact it protects the feet from daily wear.  Calloused skin only becomes painful when it gets particularly bad. Many of us find these areas of thickened skin unsightly and dream of baby soft feet. 

There are various ways of removing calloused skin. One of the quickest and most effective is to use a skin file to remove the calloused layer of skin. 

The skin file from Biosana has two sides. On one side the grains are coarse to remove the rough, dry or calloused skin. The grains on the other side are fine, for smoothing and softening the skin. The file has a waterproof wooden handle. The Biosana file also has an antibacterial and waterproof layer, so that it can be washed and cleaned. The high quality materials and manufacturing of the file make it very durable. Calloused areas of skin are quickly, easily and effectively removed. Your feet will become silky soft.

Dimensions: handle - 11cm; treatment area - 3 cm; length of the file - 15.5 cm; width - 4.5 cm; total length - 26.5 cm.

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How to use

Use the Biosana calloused skin file on clean and dry skin. The rough side removes the calloused skin, while the fine side is for smoothing the surface of the skin. Afterwards, rub a moisturising cream into your feet. The Biosana file should be rinsed under warm water after use and left to dry in the air.



Bio-Sana callus file - Remove calluses professionally and easily 

For beauty-conscious people, a regular pedicure is an absolute must-have. However, those who prefer to carry out callus treatment in their home spa need good equipment. Bio-Sana offers a whole collection of beautifully designed callus files: Whether turquoise, sunny yellow, pink, blue, white or natural - the right product is ready for every color taste.

Flawless Feet! Bio-Sana puts the crown on your foot care. Specializing in high-quality natural materials, the quality brand from Switzerland makes home callus treatment child's play. In no time, rough areas are gone and you can shine in the sauna, on the beach and in sandals with beautiful and well-groomed feet.

Customer evaluation for "Rough skin file"
29 May 2017

Bestelle ich immer wieder...

Diese Hornhautfeile ist meine Lieblingsfeile. Tut ihre Arbeit wie sie soll und hält auch lange ohne ihre Wirkung nachzulassen. Sogar mein Mann nutzt sie gerne! Absolute Kaufempfehlung von mir.

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