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Wellbeing August 2018
This is how detox works overnight!
Treat your skin to some true relaxation: Deep cleansing and anti-aging effect overnight – you will swiftly enchant your skin with these detox marvels.
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Wellbeing May 2018
Detox with spirulina algae
Spirulina is detoxifying, increases energy and is good for allergies. We’ll tell you what algae contains.
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Wellbeing January 2018
Post-Christmas detox (3 day menu)
Time for a new start!: With a detox plan that cleanses your body from the inside, you will quickly replenish your energy and return to peak form!
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Wellbeing August 2017
Detox on holiday
A holiday is the ideal time to look after your body and yourself. You’re finally free of work stress for a few weeks, the pace of the days is more relaxed and you might also have a change of scene.
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Wellbeing June 2017
Do you get sudden redness and unevenness on your face? Then support your skin and help it combat the internal and external troublemakers.
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Wellbeing March 2017
Smoothies are healthy because of their composition: they contain vegetables and fruit, making them deliciously fruity and vitamin-rich drinks. Here are our top 7 smoothie recipes you can make…
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Wellbeing February 2017
On cold evenings it’s tempting to eat heavy meals and sweet puddings. Not only your figure, but also your skin will bear the consequences!
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