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Yoga trend

Vinyasa flow yoga for improved flexibility

Vinyasa Flow combines breathing, exercise and music into an artistic choreography and has many benefits for your body.
Vinyasa flow yoga for

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Pure harmony: breathing and exercise

Yoga is a wonderful art that can teach you mindfulness and a new awareness of your body. If you want a meditative workout, but don’t like chanting and guru worship, then Vinyasa Flow Yoga is the one for you! This powerful type of yoga isn’t spiritual. It’s purely about concentration on your breath and movement, rather than anything esoteric. It’s perfect for yoga lovers who want to improve their physical and mental fitness. And the best thing is that  anyone can learn this yoga style, which was invented in the 1980s and based on Indian Hatha yoga. It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you’ve done yoga before.


What makes Vinyasa Yoga special?

Vinyasa Flow is about dynamic flow. It’s a young, refreshing yoga style for anyone who loves a challenge, both physical and mental. It’s no easy stroll on the yoga mat, but a real workout. You’ll be sweating! The special thing is that the flowing sequences of exercises (asanas) are combined with powerful breathing techniques (Ujjayi-breathing). The particular sequence of Asanas is accompanied by rhythmical musical that gets all your cells moving. So it becomes like a dance following the flow of your breath. Alongside giving you a dynamic break, Vinyasa Flow has many benefits for your body and mind.  

  • Improved flexibility: The flowing movements in Vinyasa increase the suppleness of your muscles. Your whole body becomes stronger and more flexible. For those who can’t touch their hands to the floor in the beginning: it doesn’t matter. You’ll get there.
  • Improved concentration and mindfulness: In Vinyasa Yoga you have to carry out the body movements really precisely. The individual Asana is the focus. So be mindful of the moment, fully experience the ‘here and now’.
  • A new understanding of your breath: The special yoga breathing technique called Ujjayi is calming and creates inner balance. You’ll learn to listen to your body’s signals and to enhance your well-being with special adjustments to your breathing.
  • Meditative break: Vinyasa Flow is ‘meditation in movement’. You breathe in, then breathe out, tension followed by relaxation. Concentrate fully on the dynamic interaction which has both a meditative and energising effect.  So you’ll feel more relaxed as you take on new challenges in your daily life.
  • For a stronger body: If you are intensively engaged with your movement, your physical strength and your limits, you are bound to achieve a new awareness of yourself. It will help you consciously control your well-being and to know how to enhance it even after your hour of yoga.
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