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Sunissime Ultra Repair Serum
Laboratoires LIERAC
Sunissime Ultra Repair Serum
After Sun Serum
Sunissme Ultra Repair Serum by Lierac is a nourishing after sun serum for face, neck and décolleté. The repairing serum has an activating texture that reduces skin temperature thanks to Cryo-Effect technology. The serum provides an immediate soothing effect and reduces light-induced signs of skin aging.

Content: 30 ml (€99.87* / 100 ml)

€29.96* €39.95*
Aloe Real Soothing Gel
Aloe Real Soothing Gel
Face Gel
Benton's Aloe Real Cool Soothing Gel contains 93% Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, the extract from the leaves of the "True Aloe" Vera plant, which is rich in polysaccharides and helps to hydrate dry skin and soothe irritation/redness. Aloe Real Cool Soothing Gel provides a cooling sensation without alcohol by providing ample hydration that the skin can retain well. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract is a fabled ingredient that has been known for thousands of years for its moisturizing, soothing and skin conditioning properties - due to the numerous minerals and vitamins it contains. Aloe Vera Gel has additional ingredients such as salicylic acid, polysaccharides (sugars) and amino acids, which have disinfecting, antibacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Content: 300 ml (€4.32* / 100 ml)

Bio Aloe Vera Gel
Bio Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera Gel
The Aloe Vera Gel by Elixr consists of real organic aloe vera and is therefore an all-rounder that provides your skin with ideal moisture. The aloe vera that Elixr uses come exclusively from plants that come from controlled organic cultivation! Aloe Vera Gel is also perfect for your skin, hair and nails.

Content: 230 ml (€7.80* / 100 ml)