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Calm a Lama Plant-based Magnesium

60 Piece

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Special features

✓ 100% organic quality
✓ Plant-based vitamin magnesium from organic algae
✓ Ideal for stress, if you do intense sports, are breastfeeding or pregnant
✓ Reduces fatigue
✓ Supports the function of muscles, nerves and psyche
✓ Contributes to the maintenance of bones and teeth

Detail description

Calm a Lama pant based magnesium capsules from Ogaenics are the ideal companion for anyone with a hectic daily life full of stress and strain. Stress causes increased magnesium consumption, but magnesium is involved in over 300 daily metabolic processes in the body. Therefore it is important to pay attention to a good magnesium supply. Magnesium is considered an "anti-stress mineral" because it contributes to the normal functioning of the psyche and nervous system even in times of higher stress. Magnesium reduces fatigue and tiredness. With the capsules you will manage your everyday life better and more relaxed! Magnesium is also an important energy optimizer. As an elementary building block for the energy metabolism of your "cell power plants" (mitochondria), it influences your physical and mental performance. Magnesium is also a real beauty booster. It has a function in cell division and is therefore an important factor for beautiful, healthy skin and a radiant complexion.

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Good to know

One capsule of Calm A Lama plant-based magnesium provides you with 168mg of pure plant magnesium from wild-harvested, organic French green algae, and in addition to magnesium, contains the full spectrum of nutrients found in green algae, such as valuable phytochemicals and other minerals. Sensitive people who are sensitive to iodine will be pleased to know that Calm A Lama naturally contains only 0.9 µg of iodine. Calm-A-Lama plant-based magnesium capsules are certified organic, comes without allergens, synthetic ingredients or additives, is lactose-free, gluten-free and GMO-free. 

How to use

Take one capsule daily with plenty of water. Calm a Lama capsules may be combined with all other Ogaenics products.


Green algae Ulva lactuca sea lettuce/sea lettuce.



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Customer evaluation for "Calm a Lama Plant-based Magnesium"
16 Nov 2022

"Du bist was du isst"

Dieses Sprichwort entspricht zu 100% der Wahrheit. Ich nehme diese kapseln seit einiger Zeit und ich habe in mehreren Bereichen in meinem Alltag eine positive Auswirkung bemerkt. Ich fühle mich energetischer, weniger gestresst und vor allem meine Menstruation ist entspannter geworden weil meine Regelschmerzen leichter geworden sind.

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