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Mrs. Do-it-all Multivitamin Komplex

Mrs. Do-it-all Multivitamin Komplex

60 Piece

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Special features

✓ 100% Organic Qulity
✓ Multivitamin for women with 16 vitamins and minerals from organic plants
✓ Contributes to normal functioning of the immune system
✓ Contains vitamin B12 and iron for increased needs during menstruation or when you are breastfeeding
✓ Ideal for women of fertile age with an active lifestyle

Detail description

Mrs. Do-It-All Multivitamin Complex Woman by Ogaenics are miracle capsules made from real, nutritious fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs that are 100% organic, non-GMO and formulated in a once-daily dose specifically for women's needs. Because vitamins, minerals and nutrients work best in their natural, bioactive form - the way nature produces them and our bodies need them. But sometimes, unfortunately, our eating habits don't provide us with everything we need. Or our nutrient needs are increased by exercise, stress or smoking. Only 25% of all women aged 19-50 reach the recommended intake for iron, and only 14% for folate. Also, the daily intake of vitamin C remains below the reference value for one third of all women, and only about 50% of women reach the intake recommendation for vitamin E. Mrs. Do-It-All closes these and many other gaps - for more energy, better hormone balance and beautiful skin, hair, nails. This multivitamin product provides the perfect support for your demanding lifestyle with the 16 most important plant-based vitamins and minerals including iron - 13 of which provide 100% or more of the daily requirement. Mrs. Do-It-All is perfect for all women of childbearing age, breastfeeding and smokers, as well as women who want to fill nutritional gaps or whose health simply needs a "boost", e.g. in case of stress. Aging prevention is also among the many positive effects. In addition, 14 mg of iron provide a valuable contribution to meet your increased needs during menstruation or when you are breastfeeding. For beautiful skin, vitamins B2 and B3, vitamin C, biotin and the trace element zinc are included. Biotin and zinc, together with selenium, also ensure healthy hair. Mrs. Do-It-All contains targeted amounts of vitamin B6 for hormonal balance, folate for blood formation, vitamin E to protect your cells from oxidative stress and chromium for normal metabolism. In addition to vitamin B12 in the form of methylcobalamin, hydroxylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, the formula also contains vegan vitamin D from organic mushrooms to support the immune system and bone health.

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Good to know

Two capsules of Ogaenics Mrs. Do-It-All Multivitamin Complex Women provide you with sixteen essential vitamins and minerals from extracts of 100% certified organic amla, guava and guava leaves, basil, lemon, curry leaf, mushroom, shiitake, and spinach. All ingredients are from certified organic farming. All vitamins and minerals are purely herbal and work together with the natural co-nutrients.

How to use

Take two capsules daily in the morning with plenty of water with a meal.

Mrs. Do It All blends well with all other products, especially Calm-A-Lama plant-based Magnesium, Oilalala Skin Omega Complex or Love Your Gut Daily Biotic Complex. When combining Mrs. Do-It-All with products containing a vitamin B complex (e.g., B-Happy Vitamin B Complex or Adapto Genie Balancing Complex), the intake should be staggered by at least 2 hours so that the B vitamin intake is spread throughout the day for better absorption.


Organic spinach extract, organic shiitake extract, organic mushroom powder, organic guava leaf extract, organic lemon extract, organic curry leaf extract, organic king basil extract, organic guava extract, organic amla extract.



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Ogaenics' nutritional supplements help people put their health first - with exceptional intensity, value and effectiveness. In our bodies, trillions of cells work continuously, constantly renewing themselves and keeping us healthy, strong and beautiful. Ogaenics vitamins help provide our bodies with nutrients - certified organic and so pure, highly concentrated and effective.

The products are made only from the best organic plants, organic algae, organic mushrooms. The capsules are absolutely clean and bursting with high performance nutrients from nature, developed on a scientific basis. Ogaenics uses only plant raw materials from controlled organic cultivation.

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