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Rahua / Amazon Beauty

Rahua Shampoo Travel Size

60 ml (€18.25 / 100 ml)

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Special features

✓ Suitable for all hair types, particularly for dry, damaged and coloured hair
✓ High quality and 100% natural ingredients
✓ Nourishes hair intensively
✓ Calms the scalp and combats dandruff
✓ For healthy, nourished, shiny hair
✓ Free from sulphates, gluten and synthetic ingredients

Detail description

Revitalising hair shampoo from the Amazon for new strength and gloss. Feel the power of nature! Deep in the Amazon rainforest there’s a beauty secret for glossy, healthy locks: ungurahua. The highly effective oil is extracted from the valuable nuts whose molecules strengthen hair from the inside. Supplemented by extracts of the superfood quinoa and nourishing palo santo oi, the revitalising Rahua Shampoo from Amazon Beauty gives your new strength and a satiny feel.  100 % natural, vegan, free from sulphates and ideal for coloured hair. It’s no wonder that Elle Sweden gave this gem the Beauty Award 2013.

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Good to know

For centuries women from the Quechua Shuar tribe deep in the Amazon rainforest have been producing a highly effective, strengthening oil which they call rahua (pronounced: ra-wa) – in the belief that it is the secret to their thick, flowing, shiny hair.  In the 1990s the women shared this rahua power with the famous New Yorker stylist and colourist Fabian Lliguin, who was born in Ecuador and has Quechua heritage.

The key to rahua’s outstanding effect is its molecular structure. Unlike other plant oils, which only wet the hair fibres, the minute rahua molecule penetrates deep into the cortex, patches up and repairs the fibre trunk, while also smoothing the cuticle (the outer layer of hair or also the cuticle layer).

Rahua is now the top ingredient in the Rahua care series for Amazon Beauty. The company is proud to have the privilege of developing this environmentally conscious, sustainable business in partnership with women from the Quechua Shuar tribe. Amazon Beauty shares their respect for the rainforest and its indigenous cultures. Rahua oil from Amazon Beauty is extracted by the tribeswomen and processed in accordance with traditional methods passed down over generations. 

You can now enjoy the Amazon’s most powerful secret with Rahua, a luxurious series of 100% natural haircare products that deliver transformative, gorgeous results! 

100% natural, organic shampoo, gently and thoroughly cleanses for healthy, shiny, voluminous hair, Also ideal for coloured hair. Rahua oil strengthens and repairs weak, damaged hair while nourishing the scalp and hair roots.  PALO SANTO (bursera graveolens), wild grown smokewood, considered ‘holy wood’, gives RAHUA shampoo its delicious fragrance which has the effect of calming aromatherapy while you shampoo your hair. Quinoa from South America, a glutenfree superfood, supports healing and maintains moisture levels. 

Coconut, shea butter and the betain in them, a natural plant moisture retaining factor, thoroughly remove grease, dirt and bacteria gently and effectively but without removing vital nutrients from the hair. The completely natural formula is free from chemical additives (sulphate free); cleanses the hair particularly gently and so is ideal for coloured hair. Free from silicon.

How to use

Massage the Rahua Shampoo into wet hair until a thick foam has formed. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and enhance your hair care by using the Rahua Conditioner.



Rahua / Amazon Beauty

For centuries the women of the Quechua-Shuar tribe have gone deep into the Amazon rainforest to harvest the highly effective, invigorating oil that they call rahua. In the 1990s they shared this ancient knowledge with the renowned New York stylist Fabian Lliguin, who was born in Ecuador and is related to the Quechua. And so Rahua, a luxurious hair care range from Amazon Beauty was born. The precious oil is still produced by traditional methods in close cooperation with the women of the Amazon nations. This great respect for the rainforest and its cultures is evident in every drop of the 100 % natural rahua collection.

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15 Sep 2021


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