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Spa Maroc

FIRST CLASS exfoliating glove

1 Piece




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Special features

✓ For regular skin care
✓ Ecologically and fairly produced
✓ Against skin contamination especially on the body
✓ For hair removal to prevent ingrown hairs
✓ For even, flawless tanning with self-tanning, solarium and natural sun-tanning
✓ The FIRST CLASS peeling glove from KISSMEE is now called SPA MAROC same company, only the brand is new

Detail description

The SPA MAROC peeling gloves are very effective but gentle, without scratching or damaging the skin. The skin is then velvety soft, well-perfused and can absorb creams and care products particularly well. This way, the skin can regenerate well, excrete toxic substances better and is less susceptible to diseases and allergies.

Traditionally the peeling gloves are used in the hammam. There, the body is repeatedly soaped, rinsed with hot water, peeled with the glove and rinsed again. Mostly the peeling gloves are used under the shower or in the bathtub, but also in the sauna or steam bath. As a rule, it is enough to pee once or twice a week. Strong, thick or unclean skin, however, does a temporary peeling well. Also, e.g. In damp warmer climate more often peelen. The skin has individually very different needs and also constantly changes e.g. By hormonal fluctuations, climate, diet, light etc.

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Good to know

Nature committed and fair - quality, longevity, high quality - instead of cheap, bulk, disposable. Since our foundation in 2002, we have been constantly improving the quality of the peeling effect and skin-friendliness of our peeling gloves, but also the longevity. We strive for a manufacturing process in harmony with man and nature. In 2016 the company was renamed KISSMEE to SPA MAROC, but the brand KISSMEE remains the same.

Ecologically through longevity - this is one of our most important goals. We do not need a thousand things that are broken after a short time. This is detrimental to the environment in the production process, consumes senseless resources, increases the garbage dumps and is also expensive in the long term. The reason for this development is the greed for ever more and faster turnover of anonymous large conglomerates whose only goal is maximum profit. In reality, we live better and happier with a few high-quality things that accompany us for a long time. Nothing contributes so much to environmental protection, as limiting to long-lasting, good products. Our FIRST CLASS peeling gloves give you many years of wellbeing. At least two years is the standard. Many customers have their gloves but already six, seven, eight years and well maintained, they still do their service. The back peeling blanket is so simple that it can hardly break. The structure of the material peels even after many years almost as on the first day. Our peeling gloves can be washed in the washing machine, most of them even at 60 ° C and are therefore hygienically perfect.

Sustainability is a key issue for SPA MAROC. The cellulose for the VISCOSE and the ACETAT come from renewable forests from Scandinavia and Canada. Both are manufactured under strict Ökotex guidelines. The colors used come from the EU and are subject to the strict Ökotex standards. The rubber band of our First Class gloves is certified by Ökotex and comes from a German production.

No exploitation: The productions in Germany and the EU are subject to the strict labor regulations of Europe. Our manufacturer is a Moroccan family company and has always committed itself to fair wages, long-term employment, regular working hours and employs exclusively employees over 18 years.

How to use

Before the first use you should wash the peeling glove, with shower gel, shampoo, soap or detergent under running water or even better in the washing machine. To soften the fibers, immediately soak the peeling glove in the warm water. This makes it softer and more effective.

The softer the skin, the softer and more effective is the peeling. The skin grease protects the skin from moisture and prevents in everyday life, that the skin softens and becomes vulnerable. Warm water dissolves the skin fat and at the same time promotes the circulation of the skin. Basically, the warmer the better, but only as far as it is also pleasant. A hot bath is good for a young healthy person, can help with colds, promote metabolism. But it also weighs very heavily on the cycle and can become life-threatening for previously sick or old people or children. Just like hot water, soaps of all kinds dissolve the skin fat and make a thorough cleaning possible. For a particularly thorough peeling effect, a soap bath or salt bath is therefore more suitable than an oil bath. After that you should oil the body or apply a rich Bodylotion to protect the skin sufficiently. The skin is opened, the Pflegestoffe can penetrate deeply and are particularly well received. So your skin care products can work optimally and the skin becomes velvety soft, even and delicate. Regular peeling with subsequent oiling / creaming has a wonderful anti-aging effect and keeps the skin healthy, firm and elastic.

If you are under the shower peel, it is not recommended to use the whole body every time, as the skin balance is too much disturbed. The glove also peels with warm water. For allergic persons to know well: you need basically no soap, warm water and the glove suffice.

At the end of the shower, the bath, the sauna rub the moist skin with the glove in circular movements, then rinse thoroughly with plenty of warm water. Application on the face only with insensitive skin and with gentle pressure. For the face, we recommend the FIRST CLASS glove, but the CLASSIC is also a good choice for young healthy skin. Basically: Gentle and gentle massage.

The peeling gloves pull them together strongly during water contact, but they remain elastic, so that they attach themselves like a second skin to the hand.

In order to avoid the formation of bacteria and germs in the exfoliating gloves which would be spread over the skin during the peeling massage, wash the glove under running water after every use with soap, shower gel or shampoo and hang it to dry. Never crumble, let damp, because otherwise it molds. Wash at the latest after the third application in the washing machine.

Machine wash in laundry bag at 60 ° C (95 ° C is possible)
Glue the glove in such a way that it can dry quickly or dry even better in the dryer, in order to optimally counteract a germination.


70% Viscose / 30% Acetat


Spa Maroc

Fair produced for nature

Quality, longevity, high quality - instead of cheap, bulk goods, disposable products.

Since our foundation in 2002, we have been continuously improving the quality of the peeling effect and skin-friendliness of our peeling gloves, but also the longevity. We strive for a manufacturing process in harmony with man and nature.
In 2016, the company was renamed KISSMEE to SPA MAROC, but the brand KISSMEE remains the same.

Customer evaluation for "FIRST CLASS exfoliating glove"
22 Aug 2017

Wunderbar zarte Haut.

Wunderbar, sofortige Lieferung. Zieht sich wirklich wenn er nass ist zusammen. Obwohl ich recht große Hände habe, hat es wunderbar gepasst. Die Haut fühlt sich danach wunderbar weich an und ist bereit für weitere Pflegeprodukte.

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