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Face pack

They are part of a permanent care routine. They clarify, cleanse and nourish stressed and particularly sensitive skin. Face masks. According to your individual rhythm, they can be used several times a week. The consistency of masks differ: some you apply evenly with a brush, others with the fingertips onto cleansed skin. While the face mask does its quiet, good work, you can have a fragrant bath, a little siesta or check your emails.

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Eyelid Lifting | Magicstripes  | LOOK BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS

The skin-friendly eyelid correction silicone patches help to create a fresh, radiant look and a younger overall radiation.

Magnetic Youth Mask

The  mask accelerates the circulation of blood and fluids, improves the transport of toxins, impurities and excess water out of the body.

Chin & Cheek Lifting Mask

The elastic hydrogel mask has been developed to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and wrinkles in the chin and cheek area.

Intensive Treatment Mask

 Unique intensive care with fine nurturing oils that provides a velvety soft and long-lasting sense of wellbeing. 

Neues Produkt
Detox Home Treatment Set | Pharmos Natur | Look Beautiful Products

 3 week detox intensive course For your face. Regenerates, strengthens and vitalizes the skin.

Eyelid Lifting trial | Magicstripes | LOOK BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS

The skin-friendly eyelid correction silicone patches help to create a fresh, radiant look and a more recent overall appearance.

Wake Me Up Collagen Eye Patches - 5 Paar

These concentrated cooling eyepatches reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags and revive tired eyes with just one...

Deep Detox

The mask cleanses deeply, tightens the skin and minimizes effectively enlarged pores. It provides moisture, refreshes the skin tone and smoothes...

Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Mask - 3 Paar | Magicstripes | LOOK BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS

Moisturizing hydrogel mask with hyaluronic acid, Tightens the skin, Improves the plasticity

Collagen Lifting Mask - 5 Masks | Magicstripes | LOOK BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS

The Collagen Lifting Mask strengthens the skin in the area of ​​the chin and the lower facial hemisphere and helps in raising and toning this...

Hollywood Wonder Sticker Duo

Anti-ageing Stickers over night with hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamin E for a radiant appearance.

Prestige Rose De Black Cream Special Set

Fabric based gel mask with extract of black rose for a healthy, soft and radiant skin. Thanks to the amino acids,...

Hollywood Stickers

Anti-ageing over night with hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamin E for a radiant appearance.

Starting Treatment Mask (1 Stk)

Special care: skin smoothing face mask for very special skin requirements.

Prestige Masque SYN-AKE (Inh. 5 Stk)

Concentrated wrinkle-minimising face mask with Swiss ingredient SYN-AKE for increased elasticity of the skin and support of the moisture...

Prestige Masque SYN-AKE (1 Stk)

Finishing touch for your skin: wrinkle-minimising face mask with Swiss ingredient SYN-AKE

Snail Moisture Mask Sheet (1 Stk.)

Moisturizing face mask with snail secretion. It smooths the skin and gives it a beautiful sheen. 

Prestige Masque d’Escargot (1 Stk) | Look Beautiful Products

Moisturising and nourishing fabric based face mask with snail extract.

Coming soon!
Royal Nectar – Original Face Mask

Natural „botox“ – face mask with manuka honey, bee poison and a wonderful anti-ageing effect. 

Prestige Masque d’Escargot (Inh.5 Stk)

Luxury masked ball – intensive treatment in a mask for a seductively radiant complexion.

Prestige Eye Masque d’Escargot (Inh.5 Stk)

Gel eye mask that contains an extract of snail secretion.

Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask Treatment

Refreshing! Anti-ageing mask with hyaluronic acid calms, smoothes and deeply moisturises.

Coming soon!
Face Mask For Revitalising Skin

Revitalising facial mask for refreshed, radiant skin with argan oil, Damascus rose and mineral-rich clay.

Ideally, relax for 20 minutes to let the complex effects unfold. When applying the mask, delicate circular motions with your fingers encourage the precious ingredients to penetrate your skin. After relaxing with the mask for 15 minutes, gently remove it. Rubbing too hard is counterproductive. Regular use of face masks improves the general condition of the skin and helps to prevent wrinkles. It is just as vital for anti-ageing as a healthy lifestyle. Every day our skin is exposed to unavoidable damaging influences. Sun, dust, heating, exhaust fumes, time pressures and little diet sins have an effect. At least once a week you should find time for a nourishing and caring face mask. If there’s a little window of opportunity maybe you can do it more frequently. Your individual skin type and the season determine what product you should use. Moisturising masks, masks with precious oils and revitalising masks are all-rounders. Fleece masks that are full of active ingredients are popular. You simply lie them on your cleaned face. Other products have a rich, creamy consistency and nourish with high quality ingredients such as brine, minerals, algae, caviar, collagen, phytosterols and antioxidants. These help the skin combat free radicals. Face masks with hydrating factor contain valuable hyaluronic acids and collagen. Both ingredients bind moisture in the skin and plump it up. The detox process can also be gently accelerated by using face masks. Masks with clay, active carbon, fango and algae extracts facilitate deep cleansing and give you a refined complexion. The effect of the diverse ingredients is based on the sophisticated combination developed in high-tech laboratories and subject to extensive testing before launch. They are of exquisite quality and are manufactured according to principles of naturalness and sustainability.

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