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Vetia Mare

Brightening eye-lift Serum

15 ml (€499.67 / 100 ml)
€148.95 €74.95

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Special features

✓ Suitable for all skin types
✓ Lifting effect
✓ Rich, deeply effective eye care
✓ High quality, exclusive ingredients
✓ Highly concentrated care
✓ Moisturising, caring, regenerating

Detail description

A serum contains various power substances in highly concentrated form and has a particularly intensive effect. Serums usually have a light texture. They penetrate the skin, reaching the deeper skin layers. A serum is the perfect supplement to your daily routine. Brightening Eye-Lift Serum from Vetia Mare has been specially developed for the sensitive eye area. The highly effective ingredients are substances derived from the sea. They include micro algae which improves and firms the structure of the eye area. The surrounding tissue is strengthened and the collagen network supported. Brightening Eye-Lift Serum from Vetia Mare also reduces dark eye circles and gives a marked lifting effect, as well as reducing wrinkles. Extracts of seaweed form a protective moisture barrier on the skin and so maintain the optimal level of moisture in the skin.

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How to use

Apply a small amount of Brightening Eye-Lift Serums from Vetia Mare to the skin around the eyes with a patting motion. After the serum, apply your usual care product.


Sea: Dermochlorella DG, Eau vitale dálgues, EPS seafill PA, Gorgonian extract, Qollagen 1 %, Sea water, Wakame extract

Oil: Avocadooil, Kendi-Oil

H2O from Bio-Lemon


Vetia Mare

Vetia Mare, youth-sustaining skincare boats unique blend of organic oceanic ingredients.

Biologically active components of ancient deep-sea organisms yield up their regenerative properties through the application of Vetia Mare, and advanced cosmeceutic line inspired by Derma Oceanic Science. Vetia Mare is the first totally organic marine-based unstintingly luxurious skincare. Skin concept of Switzerland gathered the best from the oceam depths to create this collection of synergistic cleansing and intense personalised treatment products that not only make your skin look smoother, younger, more radiant but keep it looking that way longer.


We call it "youth-sustaining".

Customer evaluation for "Brightening eye-lift Serum"
11 Jun 2017

Dieses Augenserum ist wirklich das beste

Das Serum zieht sehr schnell in die Haut ein und hinterlässt ein sehr angenehmes Hautgefühl. Schminken im Anschluss ist kein Problem. Auch nach mehreren Stunden fühlt sich meine Augenpartie entspannt an. Außerdem hat sich mein Hautbild verfeinert.Man sieht wirklich den Unterschied zu anderen, es fühlt sich ganz toll an und riecht angenehm. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass ich frischer und erholter aussehe.

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