VIVE SANA - Organic-mineral sun protection

A purely natural sun protection factor line that uses the power of antioxidative biological plant substances and extracts - without synthetics or fillers.

VIVE SANA is a luxurious biological sun protection factor line on a mineral basis. The duo of unique, high-performance SPF products offers the skin unparalleled deep hydration, effective repair through antioxidants and supports the skin in its natural barrier function.

- 100% natural ingredients
- Almost completely organic cultivation
- Sun care products are gentle, fragrance-free, environmentally friendly
- Without chemicals / phthalates / parabens / BPA 
- Do not pose a danger to coral reefs

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VIVE SANA's products exceed the highest standards
 in the skin care industry by using non-nanoform uncoated zinc and light-stable, organic plant compounds to combat the harmful effects of the sun.

With VIVESANA there is now a sophisticated sun care line that meets the highest demands: The brand is based on organic minerals and launches two effective SPF products with an anti-oxidant formula that ensures deep hydration and strengthens the skin's natural barrier against sun exposure. Both products contain non-nano-coated zinc and light-protecting organic botanicals to combat the sun's harmful effects - without synthetic filters, plastics or fillers and without whitening.

The formulations consist of a variety of organic skin strengthening oils, including argan, apricot, avocado and jojoba oil. These form the skin's natural barrier against environmental stress such as UV rays, wind, water, snow and dry, cold air. They moisturize it and keep it supple.


The light organic plant substances in the formula are suitable for all skin types and are non-comedogenic. The ceramide-rich oils adapt to the skin's natural lipids to effectively strengthen the skin's natural barrier.

Seth Haber, co-founder of VIVE SANA explains: "We have focused on elegant simplicity, focusing on the quality and selection of ingredients and selecting the best possible natural and organic ingredients for each purpose. We made no compromises . As the best chefs say, in the end it's all about the ingredients and even the small decisions make a difference. The end result of VIVE SANA is special."

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