The hand-pressed oil from the wild argan tree is one of earth’s most precious elixirs. Rich in valuable ingredients such as antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids, the oil stimulates skin regeneration. Native to the Arganeraie region in Morocco, the only place where the majestic tree grows, it’s known as the „tree of life“. Argan Oil Cosmetics values the pure power of this exquisite natural product and uses it in their hair and skin care products.

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The special features of Argan Oil Cosmetics

Beautifully designed, products from Argan Oil Cosmetics are a real treat. Whether they’re for your home beauty ritual or when you’re away, you can always rely on the oil-based beauty products. Invigorating, refreshing and hydrating: experience first class beauty care. What makes the Spanish beauty brand from Madrid so special:

  • Naturally pure argan oil from southern Morocco
  • Exclusive beauty ranges with the „elixir of youth“
  • Experts in oil-based hair care and skin care
  • Highest quality standards

Moroccan luxury

Since 2009, Argan Oil Cosmetics has been bringing beauty gold from southern Morocco by a painstaking production process. That is the reason why the oil is so valuable. The date-sized fruits of the argan tree are picked carefully and skillfully, then dried and pitted. The nuts are then roasted, ground and pressed, still by hand often. The result is particularly high quality of product that the beauty brand uses in its products.

Natural cosmetics for beauty

Argan oil has been used in beauty care for centuries, both for skin and hair. Special features: the oil retains its original form, free from additives or artificial ingredients. So the natural product is popular with people who value natural cosmetics. Argan oil is a valuable part of anti-ageing care. That’s why it is also called the „elixir of youth“. Antioxidants and antiradicals are thought to protect the cells and stimulate cell regeneration. The aim: wonderfully revitalised hair and complexion. Totally naturally.

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