In London’s exclusive Notting Hill the world-renowned anti-ageing expert Dr. Daniel Sister creates natural skin care products for BeautyWorksWest. The outstanding beauty formulas care for your appearance from the inside and out, pamper, revitalise and help to regenerate your skin.  Developed from the finest natural ingredients, they are specially designed for mature skin. Luxurious pleasure, especially for those who want effective solutions to slow the skin ageing process

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The special features of BeautyWorksWest

  • Exclusive products for women approaching and during the menopause
  • YOUTH: pure, natural nutritional supplements
  • For an improved complexion, increased energy and improved sleep
  • Developed by anti-ageing expert Dr. Sister

Look and feel beautiful after 40

The menopause brings many changes. Susie Rogers, founder of BeautyWorksWest, knows that this time requires a special wellbeing recipe. Every woman’s body enters a new phase: the skin needs new stability, the inner balance new strength. BeautyWorksWest specialises in both. For this period of constant hormonal changes the luxury brand offers formulas to increase your youthful vigour, both as nutritional supplements YOUTH and exclusive body care. So beauty is no longer a question of age.

Beauty meets science

BeautyWorksWest brings together Susie Roger’s passion for beauty with the expertise of Dr. Daniel Sister. A dream team. Sister, who graduated from Paris Medical School, is an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of anti-ageing. He practised in leading clinics, studied medicine internationally, specialises in hormones and has written many acclaimed books. In 2005 they opened BeautyWorksWest luxury MediSpa – a beauty oasis in central London.

Care for youthful skin from the inside

YOUTH combines science and natural antioxidants. Created in 2014 as a home treatment, the innovative nutritional supplement meets the needs of women approaching and during the menopause. A holistic concept for healthy wellbeing, from an attractive complexion to improved sleep. Perfect for all who want to feel naturally beautiful and balanced.

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