Detox your life! Gegengift is a beauty discovery. The clean, elegant design of the young brand feels wonderfully fresh. And that’s also the effect of the high-quality beauty products. Love and knowledge goes into every detail. Gegengift products, which have resonant names like Fulfillment, Purity and Innocence, are developed with the expertise of Dr. Christian Führling, pharmacist, nutritional expert and cosmetics specialist. Comprising three components – cosmetics, detox tea and nutritional supplements –the comprehensive skin detox system from Gegengift nourishes and protects demanding skin. Enchantingly beautiful and refreshingly different! 

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The special features of Gegengift

  • Vegan skin care – made in Germany
  • Detox for beautiful skin & wellbeing
  • Comprehensive system with 5-components
  • Main component: antioxidative moringa
  • Innovative combination of active ingredients

Detox care for an active lifestyle

Life is colourful, spontaneous, full of dreams and visions – and non-stop. Time for regeneration! Totally natural. Gegengift supports your body’s natural self healing powers. With beauty products that nourish your skin from the outside and the inside. 100 % vegan. The main component is moringa. The skin superfood enriches all the beauty products with 46 antioxidants – from the face cream and cleansing lotion to the detox facewash. Detox tea and detox capsules are the components of the internal beauty care. They purify and detoxify. The perfect balance.

Skin detox system for beautiful skin

Vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals – everything that beautiful skin requires. They are present in high concentrations in moringa, which is why Gegengift have made the power plant the star of their skin care. Together with Dr. Christian Führling, pharmacist and chemist, the beauty brand has developed a 5-component system. It is based on the natural 28 day skin regeneration process, so skin can be renewed without stress. It is supported by the best ingredients, including nourishing panthenol, moisturising aloe vera and antioxidative goji berries. Refill your body’s vitamin store– naturally and holistically.

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