Opale Laboratoires Monaco harnesses the unique secrets of nature in exquisite skin care. In the company’s own laboratories the highest quality ingredients from plants, fruits and the sea are combined and poured into beautiful bottles. Guided by the desire to bring the glamorous values of the Principality of Monaco to a premium brand, the founders Jean Pierre and Gregory Dewerpe use only the best ingredients. There are no synthetic additives, silicone, mineral oils or parabens in their products, so their vision is fulfilled in a purely natural way, as the fusion of beauty, excellence and innovation.

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Opale Laboratoires Monaco

The special features of Opale Monaco

  • Natural cosmetics from the Principality of Monaco
  • Exclusive anti-ageing skin care
  • 100 % natural ingredients
  • Free from parabens, additives and mineral oils

Ambassador for Monaco’s sense of style

Exotic flowers and azure blue sea make the Principality of Monaco a paradise on earth. This natural kingdom inspired the concept for Opale Monaco100 % natural skin care. The collection comprises exclusive anti-wrinkle cream, body oil to combat cellulite, body lotion, serum, toning mist and cleansing lotion. Made from purely natural and organic ingredients, the products offer regal luxury for the skin. As luxurious as Monaco itself, or as they say, ‚the duty of nobility’. Opale Monaco fulfils this duty par excellence with products that reflect the glamour, luxury, state-of-the-art technology and the environmental consciousness of the Principality.

Luxurious beauty care from nature

Citrus fruits, rosewood, geranium, raspberry, rosehip and pomegranate. In the Opale Monaco laboratories the many benefits, delicate textures and exquisite fragrances of these natural miracle products are extracted and turned into luxurious beauty care. The cosmetologist Marc Fauchart – a visionary chemist who founded the laboratory over 15 years ago – provides the necessary expertise for the beauty label. Together with the Dewerpe brothers he founded the luxury label Opale Monaco in 2007. Their mission is to make every woman’s inner beauty visible on the outside with wrinkle-free skin and a radiant complexion that always attracts admiring glances. Magnifique!

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