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Petitfée - clear, clean and pure Korean brand

Petitfée means "little fairy" in French. The brand aims to bring the "clear", "clean" and "pure" qualities of a little fairy to your skin.

Petitfee produces fairytale-like little skin care helpers with natural ingredients and high-quality extracts of pearls and gold for fantastically clear, pure and silky skin.

The Petitfee eye pads with hydrogel magically easily transport the moisture of the water and the active ingredients contained into the deeper layers of the skin, giving the skin on the face and the sensitive eye area a fabulously soft appearance.

All Petitfée products and ingredients are ECOCERT-certified, organic and without exception free of animal testing.

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How to use the eye pads?

Clean the skin of your eye rim after cleansing your face with toner. Pick up the patch with a spoon and apply it to fit the shape of your eye. Remove the pad after 15-20 minutes. Wrap it with a moisturizer.

You can also use the eye patch on other areas of your face, such as your cheekbones, nasobial fold, or the center of your forehead.

Korean miracle ingredients for glowing skin

  • 24k gold for shine and luminosity
  • Ginseng extract for nourishing care
  • Collagen for elasticity and moisture
  • Rose water for a balanced moisture level
  • Snail mucilage for smooth skin
  • Mugwort extract for relief care
  • Green tea extract for relief care and moisturizing
  • Black pearl extract with brightening effect

The eye pads are recommended if:

  • you are concerned about dark circles around the eyes
  • you want to take care of tired and exhausted eye rim
  • you want a light and simple treatment
  • you need a cooling and/or moisturizing effect for your skin