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Unique is the feeling. For your skin and your senses. Experience that cosmetics with our SACRED PLANTS can have a completely different effect on the skin than you already know. Feel how your skin comes alive through the Green Luxury products, all cells are awakened to new activity and are full of power. Feel this gentle pulsation and streaming. And well-being in your whole being.

Our special Aloe Vera - from Ecuador and Yucatan - is blessed with an incredible treasure of active ingredients. It is the basis of our cosmetics. Due to its special viscosity, with a unique repair complex, the gel of the Aloe Vera draws completely into the skin, taking with it all the active ingredients of the precious healing and rejuvenation plants. This effect can be seen and felt on your skin.



The science of salutogenesis is the basis of our food products. We have called them so because they consist of unique healing, rejuvenation and regeneration plants. They contain a rich network of active ingredients, intense light energy (biophotons) and high vibration. Because of this complexity and this holistic approach, they give you strength, nourish your soul and bring your mind into a new balance.

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Pharmos Natur

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Detox Home Treatment Set | Pharmos Natur | Look Beautiful Products
Detox skin care

 3 week detox intensive course...

Aloe Vera BioUrsaft von PHARMOS NATUR

The Aloe vera bio juice is a very special juice of the...

Neues Produkt
Papaya seeds

Papaya-Kerne für schöne Haut am ganzen...

Neues Produkt
Lip Balm
Lip care

Lip Balm  repair function helps to alleviate rough and...

Cell Vital "Rose" Ampullen-Set | Pharmos Natur | Look Beautiful Products
Skin care

Harmonising oil with a delicate rose fragrance. The...

Detox Europea
Skin care / body care

Detox Europea skin oil. Detoxifying. This exclusive oil made...

Anti-Aging AVELLANA Ampullen-Set | Pharmos Natur | Look Beautiful Products
Skin face

Highly effective anti-ageing oil for active skin regeneration...

Anti-Stress Serum Ampullen-Set | Pharmos Natur | Look Beautiful Products
Skin care

Anti-Stress Serum instant effect. Perfect cell and...

Entschlackungspaket, Pharaos Natur

The Detox Package special with  healing and rejuvenating...

Reinigungs-Emulsion & Feuchtigkeitsspray & Gesichtspflegegerät Trio
Skin care

A particularly mild skin cleansing combined with a moisturizing...

Sparduo: Algen-Peeling & Feuchtigkeits Crème I Pharmos Natur
Skin care

A finely ground algae scrub combined with an effective...

Sparduo - Cell-Vital Hautpflege "rose" & Feuchtigkeitsspray I Pharmos Natur
Skin care

Harmonizing oil with the finest rose fragrance in combination...

Sparduo - Cell-Vital Hautpflege "natural" & Feuchtigkeitsspray I Pharmos Natur
Face care gel

Regenerating skin care oil in combination with a moisturizing...

Weihrauch aus dem Oman von PHARMOS NATUR
Frankincence cure

Incense is used both for smoking, ie...

Detox EUROPEA Entschlackungsöl
Face oil / body oil

Face and body oil with a...

Cell-Vital Hautpflege "natural"
Face oil

Regenerating skin care oil for...

Anti-Aging Eye Contour Cream
Eye cream

Multiactive, highly effective eye...

Face care

Tightens and softens the...

Anti-Aging Repair Balm
Face care

Aloe Vera Bio Juice, Hyaluron and...

Face cream

The care balm gives the skin sensual...

Feuchtigkeits Crème
Face cream

This care cream is a moisturizing...

Anti-Stress Serum
Face serum

Nature has a lasting effect in the ANTI-STRESS SERUM. It gives...

Sesitiv Gel
Face care

A harmonizing aloe vera gel for the...

Face care gel

Regenerating aloe vera gel for the...

Face scrub

The organic aloe vera peeling, with...

Face cleanser

The cleansing emulsion with Bio Aloe...

Face spray

Moisturizing organic aloe vera spray...

Sesamkraft von Pharaos Natur

Protein- and nutrient-rich cellpower...


Feel right back in your skin....


Enjoy the power of our rejuvenation tea.

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