Korean skincare secrets! Beautiful skin into old age – this dream seems to be a reality in the Far East. What’s the Koreans’ secret?  If you want to unlock their anti-ageing secret, look no further than Secret Key. Innovative and exclusive ingredients are the focus of the special premium products. So your beauty care ritual becomes an expedition to a foreign culture– a journey that’s worth it. You don’t even need a plane ticket, because Look Beautiful brings Korean beauty care direct to your home spa.

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Secret Key

The special features of Secret Key

  • Premium care from Korea
  • Innovative ingredients such as Syn-AKE
  • Anti-ageing formulas for a fresh complexion
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles

Luxury face care with Syn-AKE

Goodbye to wrinkles! Secret Key has discovered an innovative formula against skin ageing: Syn-AKE. It’s a synthetic form of snake venom. It smoothes and reduces wrinkles and minimises the appearance of crows feet. Developed by Swiss cosmetics specialist Penthafarm, Syn-AKE is a new star in the beauty world. Its anti-wrinkle effect plumps the skin, giving a phenomenally fresh complexion.

Key to slowing skin ageing

We don’t want to stop time, but we’d like to reduce its signs as much as possible. Healthy, beautiful skin is at the top of your wish list, whether you’re 25, 38 or 62. The key: facial care and facial cleansing with the best ingredients. This simple goal has been the focus of many years of research for Secret Key. Since 2006 the brand has been researching natural ingredients and their effect. Only the best go into their beauty care range. The result is a happy formula for the skin. The „Honey Bee“ collection with natural honey calms blemished skin. The special ingredient „snail secretion’ increases the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. And the rejuvenating effect of the anti-ageing innovation Syn-AKE is harnessed in the care range of the same name. Every skin type gets exactly what it needs. From Korea with love!

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