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TEATOX develops delicious tea blends for a strong body, sharp mind and greater inner balance. The young Berlin brand uses only natural ingredients for their healthy results. TEATOX combines a clear concept of how tea should look with high demands on its ingredients. So only the best reach your cup: the highest quality organically certified ingredients, exciting flavour, aromatic fragrance and vibrant colours. And in addition there's the good feeling that with every sip you're choosing a healthier, more balanced life.

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The special features of TEATOX

  • High quality, vegan organic teas
  • Pure nature without additives
  • No flavourings, colourings or sweeteners
  • Ideal for a natural detox
  • Developed with nutritional experts

The power of tea

Tea is an ancient natural remedy. Its natural power is valued throughout the world. TEATOX combines this knowledge with a fresh, creative note, which can be relaxing or invigorating. The loose organic tea blends are more attractive, emotional and effective than a normal tea bag. All the varieties were developed with nutritional and food experts and are therefore rich in healthy ingredients. They are also perfectly tailored to your moods and purpose. They support your sporty lifestyle. They give you inner balance when you're stressed. And they help you detox. TEATOX is like your best friend, supporting you in your healthy lifestyle.

A creative lifestyle meets health

TEATOX does you good. Founded in 2013 by school friends Felix Ilse and Michael Decker, the brand offers an impressively unique range of teas. Detox Tea support healthy detoxing. Matcha, the natural superfood from Japan, is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Daily Balance Tea is calming and balancing. Whenever you need it. All the teas are gluten free, free from flavourings, 100 % vegan and so delicious, that your body will demand more after the first sip. Pure nature in your cup – that's what makes TEATOX so special.